ExchangeDefender UI

ExchangeDefender UI

ExchangeDefender is getting a completely new user interface and user experience. We are very excited to get this new UI in front of all of our users and I’m happy to report that the new UI will be live next week! Here is a sneak peak:




To find out more, please watch the recording of the webinar available here.

In a nutshell: Our business is continuing to evolve into helping organizations communicate smarter and more securely. This is increasingly involving systems other than email and the traditional Exchange+Outlook solution is no longer enough to meet the requirements or regulatory reporting needs of businesses. Not to mention privacy, integration, reporting, audits, legal holds: all something organizations of all sizes come to ExchangeDefender to address.

At the same time, we realize that our partners need help addressing these challenges and we are here to help and augment your existing practice and solution set. Click here to download the webinar and please let me know directly if you see anything you desperately need!



CEO, ExchangeDefender