Introducing ExchangeDefender CloudShare

Introducing ExchangeDefender CloudShare

It’s a great pleasure to introduce everyone to CloudShare: ExchangeDefender powered file sharing and syncronization platform. Available today absolutely free of charge (1GB) our platform will allow you to install our CloudShare software on any PC or Server and pick folders to sync between your systems with documents always securely stored in the cloud and available to you whenever you need them, where ever you want them.

The big idea, quite simply, is to move your file server into the cloud where it can be:

– Distributed: copied to multiple servers

– Secure: Encrypted transfer, encrypted storage

– Trusted: Every access is logged and can be tracked

– Redundant: Every file is copied to two geographically redundant servers

The best part? Even though your files are copied to the cloud for easy access, backup and replication they will still be on your hard drive. This means you will interact with those files the same you do now, with the same applications you use now. For example, you could use Microsoft Word to edit a document, save it, and it will automagically be sync’d with your CloudShare and changes applied to the copy that is sitting on your laptop, home PC or anywhere else you have CloudShare saved.

There are many similar solutions out there but CloudShare is simply the one that is actually built for business.

This fall we will be releasing an ExchangeDefender CloudShare appliance which will be an affordable way to bring all your cloud data back to your office at a fraction of the cost of owning a server and without all the expensive management and continuity software.

To hear a more detailed discussion of this solution please download a copy of the webinar we held last week:

ExchangeDefender CloudShare Webinar (30mb)

You might need a GoToWebinar Codec

This is one of the most exciting solutions we have ever launched and probably the most timely one ever as well now that Microsoft has announced the death of Microsoft SBS solution that was beloved and used by so many small businesses. It’s clear that everyone has decided that the cloud and mobility is the future of computing in SMB – and we don’t argue that – but many of our partners and clients feel that they still want to control all of their precious data and we are making that possible. Just because you are going to be mobile and leverage the cloud doesn’t mean  you want to be irresponsible with your data and not have any control over it at all, right?

Besides, it’s free. So contact your ExchangeDefender partner and have them show you the best way to configure this new technology to safeguard your business.

Vlad Mazek
CEO, Own Web Now Corp
(877) 546-0316 x500