Moving on up…

Moving on up…

Today marks a very special day for the ExchangeDefender Hosted Exchange team: today we put our newest 2010 cluster for Hosted Exchange Essentials: DARKWING.

For many of our client who jumped on the offer of Hosted Exchange 2010 Essentials, the biggest selling feature was the price. Partners were able to finally compete head to head with BPOS / Office365 by using our Hosted Exchange Essentials.

Unfortunately, there was one drawback: All Essentials clients were placed into an already existing server infrastructure used by our full Hosted Exchange clients. At the time of release/announcement of essentials, the projected demand for the solution did not call for a dedicated infrastructure environment. Hosted Exchange Essentials has now grown to the point where we felt it would be best to separate the load of users of Essentials and Full Exchange between unique networks, but technically segregated.

After careful planning, we’ve designed a way to marginalize the impact of the migration to DARKWING for existing Hosted Exchange Essential mailbox. While we will offer the ability to stay on ROCKERDUCK (we certain conditions), we highly recommend Exchange 2010 Essentials users migrate to DARKWING as there are certain feature sets (Such as Address Book Policies), which are currently not available in our other networks currently. All new accounts for Essentials  are currently being provisioned DARKWING and all existing users will be automatically migrated. Prior to the start of any work the ExchangeDefender team will reach out to the partner who controls the account to coordinate changes.

Travis Sheldon
VP, Network Operations, ExchangeDefender
(877) 546-0316 x757