ExchangeDefender Executive Podcast #5

ExchangeDefender Executive Podcast #5

What a busy month! Due to some management changes we’ve had to work much faster in February than we expected to and that’s put us quite a bit ahead of our roadmap. Tune in and check out the details:

Download ExchangeDefender Executive Podcast #5 (mp3, 18mb)

If you don’t have the time to listen, you can browse the topic blog posts that were mentioned and get an idea of what’s going on.


ExchangeDefender Essentials Launch
ExchangeDefender Valentines Day Promo
Exchange 2010 DAG in Australia and UK
Exchange 2010 “Darkwing”
Shockey Monkey RMM Survey


Huge month for us! In other news, ExchangeDefender Executive Podcast (as of last episode) has become the most successful podcast series we’ve ever had and we’re obviously thrilled to see that you’re finding value in these podcasts.


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