We are back from the Thanksgiving holidays but don’t worry, we didn’t take any time off. This week we talk about all the effort that went into doing the maintenance over the long weekend, new developments, changes to the product portfolio and more. We also finally got real recording gear so it sounds great!

DPodDownload ExchangeDefender Executive Podcast #3 (mp3, 6mb)

Here is a brief summary of what we talked about:

– Shockey Monkey Reloaded UI enhancements
– Load times boosted 300%
– Massive cleanup of all screens to a single consolidated UI framework

– Shockey Monkey is now completely free and all Pro features are included!
– We’re beta testing ExchangeDefender Essentials LiveArchive
– Exchange 2010 custom backups (for client-dictated backup policies)

Nothing broke and tons of new stuff came online. This will be a huge December for us as we look to close 2011 strong so stay tuned and make sure you’ve got the latest developments.

P.S If you missed the Shockey Monkey Reloaded webinar, click here for a replay.

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