It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since we launched our ExchangeDefender Migration Service. Thanks to many partners and clients who trusted us with their email we’ve been able to hear many compliments and even more suggestions about true problems employees face with email every day.

We’ve been in the lab for the past few months looking at how we can help and what we can do to eliminate those issues, improve productivity and create a more accountable email infrastructure that so much business gets done on. So we have something to show you and I hope you will join us for a webinar that covers it all:

Thu, Nov 6, 2014 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST


The biggest complaint we’ve received from end users is the overwhelming amount of non-human email that makes it’s way into the Inbox and at times simply overwhelms any actual communication that needs to be taking place. While there are third party solutions to address this trend they all retail for 5x more than even the reseller cost of ExchangeDefender! We’ve built it into ExchangeDefender Pro free of charge.

Needless to say, we look forward to showing you how it works and how much more your clients will love you for it!


Migrations was just the tip of the iceberg of dealing with email problems. The part that can’t be seen – and often gets ignored as a consequence – is the mounting cost and issue of archiving, encrypting, protecting, securing and auditing all the data that lives in employees Inbox.

While we’ve been selling encryption and archiving products and services for years, we found that implementation was often incomplete and did not get the constant tweaking and adjustment it needs to meet the requirements of the organization in the first place. We’re stepping up both the education and the “Service & Audit” controls as a part of an effort to enhance the value of our security solutions.

In closing..  as email becomes more critical, more scrutinized by the employer and regulatory bodies alike, grows in size and in importance to daily business – the old way of set it and forget it implementations is being challenged. At ExchangeDefender we look forward to leading both in education and actual feet on the ground, helping you with as much or as little client interaction as you need. As we have proven with a year of migrations, we can help our partners grow and now we also look forward to helping you expand the consulting portfolio.

Vlad Mazek

P.S. Yes, the webinar will be recorded and available for download shortly after the event.