Many of our partners are in town for the HTG, ConnectWise and associated vendor parties so I wanted to take a moment and give you some ideas on how to best leverage us, your vendor, for greater success. Despite popular opinion, we’re not at the conference for the sole purpose of handing out swag and filling up trade show floor space with banners and marketing junk.

We’re here to inform you –  We know you’re busy. We know we have a ton of webinars. I hear this a lot – yet you spent a ton of money to be out of your office for days and the best way to earn some extra ROI on your trip is to talk to us about what is going on at ExchangeDefender. You may not use every single product we have, you may not stay on top of every single blog post we write or announcement we make – so feel free to ask about what is new, what has changed and if any of your previous issues have been resolved. We are always adding to our solution portfolio and we know it end to end so we’re the best folks to give you a 10,000 foot view of our company; and can drag over a sales or technical person to explain the full details in a second.

We’re here to connect you with other partners – IT providers are not all the same. Many of our partners specialize in specific verticals and have developed custom stuff using our API, so if you are thinking outside the box we can likely get you contact info for partners that work in the same vertical or have a different way of using or positioning our solutions.

We’re here to give you the whole picture – If you don’t tune in to every webinar or haven’t spoken to anyone at ExchangeDefender in a year chances are you’re missing out on a lot of development. We can quickly walk you through everything that has changed and put it in a context of why we are doing so. For example, we recently launched ExchangeDefender LiveArchive 4 and it is no longer based on Microsoft Exchange. Why? It’s not due to the cost. It’s not due to the licensing. It’s not due to the complexity – it’s because our long term business goal for LiveArchive is to create a full redundancy for your entire communication experience – not just email. With LiveArchive 4 we can now provide failover email solution that also includes your contacts and your whole schedule, so you’re missing absolutely nothing when your mail server goes offline. Understanding what we are doing, and why, is a great way to make sure your clients are getting the solution that continues to solve their evolving problems as they count on you more.

We’re here to give you a quick rundown of everything new – If you’ve made it this far you’re in minority, most people just skim blog posts. That is fair, we do it as well. Information overload is serious business and you can only take in so much every day. Well, if you stop by our booth we can talk to you about what we’ve done, what we’re doing, what is coming down the pipe and so on.

We’re here for feedback – Most importantly, we are here to hear from you. You’re welcome to call us 24/7 but if there is something that really bugs you about our service or something that is working out really well but needs some tweaking, we are here to get the big picture for you so we can sell it to our management and developers. Our entire solution stack has been built on partner feedback and it’s the single most valuable takeaway (yes, even more important than new partner acquisition) from conference events.

To sum it up: Stop by, say hi, ask us what’s new and tell us what we could be doing better. And please don’t ask us where Vlad is, he is more of an imaginary character like the Wizard of Oz than an actual participant of day-to-day business Smile


Anastasia Wiggins