Next Wednesday, May 30th, ExchangeDefender will be hosting a huge launch of three new features being added to the core of our ExchangeDefender offering. The details of the new features are private at this moment which is why we are requesting more than usual discretion about the feature set, implementation, pricing and availability.

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Two of the new features will be available in United States only (you can purchase, license and implement them worldwide but you might not want to). These features are new to ExchangeDefender and take us in a new direction so it is important to have our partners attend and understand how these offerings will impact the bottom line and expand market opportunities available with ExchangeDefender.


1) Unlike all of our other webinars, this one will not be recorded.

2) Unlike all of our other webinars, general attendance is not permitted, you must be a partner that is currently reselling our services.

3) Unlike all of our other webinars, information discussed will be provided under an NDA only.

If you register, Chelsea Richards will be contacting you tomorrow with the NDA paperwork that is required for the attendance to this webinar. You can sign it and fax it or take a picture and email it to us or even mail it in.

I look forward to meeting with you all and I hope you’re excited about this next step in the ExchangeDefender evolution. All the new stuff has been in heavy demand by our partners and I believe it will fuel a huge growth cycle for our partners. We’re extending all areas of our business – from the previously announced Managed Messaging that covers support to the better security with encryption, file storage, voice and management we hope that this is the best year you’ve ever had with us and we’re committed to keep moving it in the right direction. On a personal note: I want to extend a huge thank you to all of you that have brought us more business through ExchangeDefender Essentials, the $0.50/mbox price has been extremely popular and has unfortunately upset a lot of our competitors because it clearly beats them. As a result we have received several notices of unethical behavior or highly questionable sales practices so this webinar – while extremely positive – will be executed in private so we do not have to deal with the backlash. Frankly, all we do and everything we do here is for our partners and it is my responsibility to get you the best and most effective product possible – so you can choose and apply the right one as the business dictates. I hope you pardon us and accept the minor inconvenience of privacy while we get you off the ground and give you a huge market advantage as our partners!