6a0111688349f9970c0154329a0fb5970c-800wiCan you choose your customers???

Yes, you can choose them, not always the other way around. You can choose your customers with your pricing, your content, your promotion, your marketing strategies, and your product line.

When choosing your marketing efforts, and thus your customers, you should consider:

Based on what you are offering, how much does this type of customer need you/depend on you?

How difficult is this sort of customer to find/reach?

What does this type of customer need?

How valuable is a customer like this?

How demanding will this customer be?

It’s not a matter of who can benefit from what you sell. It’s about choosing the customers you’d like to have and helping them benefit from what you have to offer.

By asking yourself these questions you can better attract the types of customers that you would like to work with. 

At ExchangeDefender, our efforts have brought us a partner base that we truly enjoy working with!  All of our partners know what to expect from the partnership upon their signup.  We clearly state and outline what they get as part of partnering with ExchangeDefender.  Our terms of service, TOS, outlines the way that our technical support and business support works, and the best way to get assistance when it is needed.  Also, all of our products and services are heavily promoted, documented, and made available for partners to have access to and we provide materials which make it easier for you to be profitable.

Also, we make it easy for customers to choose us.  We work closely with partners and are available for help and questions 24x7x365! Also we offer great deals and promotions that help our partner base benefit! Check out www.exchangedefender.com/promotions.php to keep up with promotions that we are running! Currently we are running the Valentine’s Day Hosted Exchange and Exchange Essentials Promotion!

Stephanie Hasenour
VP Marketing, ExchangeDefender