Today we are proud to announce the Own Web Now University series of business and technical training seminars. Through these weekly webinars we will deliver ongoing training and introduction to Own Web Now products and service, both for our new partners just joining the program and for existing partners that are hiring new staff.

Part of becoming an Own Web Now Partner (or becoming a profitable one) will now include free web seminars that you can take advantage of to save time, become more efficient and find the best practices behind our services. We hope you join us, we will be emailing invitations regularly from now on.

Little bit of background…

We used to be a small software company and everything we did was personal, direct and we worked with very smart people. As our products matured and grew in popularity quicker than our ability to handle the demand and the quality of the product support and billing, honestly, sucked. For the past 16 months we’ve worked extremely hard not just on our products and service, but on our support and management of the actual service delivery. We’re proud to say that today we have the most versatile products in the market, the most sophisticated billing, support and statistics integration with mainstream MSP management platforms (PSA) in the market and the solutions that help our partners compete even with the Fortune 500 solutions.

A lot can change in 16 months. Last time this year we were constantly criticized for our lack of documentation. We were told often and repeatedly that our support “sucked” and that we needed far better service notification and responsiveness. We have improved all of those areas. All of our core products have video training as well as extensive whitepaper and FAQ collection. We have created an OWN University site to help partners get on board. We have automated the process of getting OWN service and management of all the solutions we provide. We have posted countless webcasts with in-depth information on our services, should you care for the details. We’ve even opened forums to help our partners connect and work more closely with our developers and support teams on changes you want to see made. We’ve made a ton of progress and now we deal with a different problem.

Today, we are not receiving complaints about the lack of documentation, support or assistance – quite the opposite: there is too much of it. That is not subject to change, as a matter of fact you will see more OWN people and more OWN documentation and services in the coming year. It’s a matter of distinction and positioning, there are two kinds of clients:

  1. Those that have business continuity, regulatory compliance and security concerns.
  2. Those that don’t care about any of the above, they just want the basics to work.

More on #2 later; OWN is here to help our partners win business from #1. The kind of client that fits that profile is also the one that is willing to pay for excellent service and a comprehensive solution. The days of just selling spot products (spam filtering, web hosting) are over – with ExchangeDefender 5 changed the game by including everything in one low price. In late July, new versions of Encryption, Web Sharing and Web Filtering will be in beta and the complexity of delivering these services grows. Today, we receive different comments and criticism:

  1. We’re just not aware of all your offerings..
  2. We’re just not sure how to make money in the cloud..
  3. We’re trying to figure out how this fits into our model..
  4. We love it, we’ll send our senior tech to evaluate your product..
  5. We love everything about it, we just need to figure out how to sell it..

Let us ease your mind: We know how to sell it. We’ve made millions of dollars with our partners delivering these solutions for over a decade and we’re here to help you do it. We know the problems that you’ll eventually face because we’ve had to deal with them ourselves.

Personally, and on behalf of everyone at Own Web Now, we want your criticism with these seminars. I will be personally holding the first few and they will be small – we want to help you fit our services in your model and help you figure out how to make it more profitable. We want your feedback and your input.

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, Own Web Now Corp