Spectacular event, nearly everyone showed up and through the magic of social networking we wrapped up some old friends and some new friends.

Joining us from Autotask, CEO Bob Godgart, talked about the upcoming event Autotask Live that OWN/ExchangeDefender will be sponsoring. Bob talked at length about the IT space, Web 2.0 and the control of company information as well as tracking data and availability. This is really the beauty of the SPAM Show, where the leaders of the industry drop in and you never know what they have on their mind that they are willing to share. Bob also discusses a lot of development and investment in Autotask, the community that surrounds it, the value of the SBSC.

Mark Crall walks us through the new Microsoft SBSC program and all the effort that went into getting it put together. Mark discusses in great detail the specifics of the new brand, the new requirements and the new benefits that all Microsoft partners need to be aware of.

Erick Simpson joins us to talk about the success and lessons learned from the first MSPU bootcamp, that OWN/ExchangeDefender was proud to play a part of – we will be sponsoring the entire circuit this year so join us at next one happening in Baltimore later this spring.

Last but certainly not the least, the pioneer of SMB IT broadcasting, my good old friend Chris Rue pays us a visit to talk about social networking and the way to leverage it for SMB marketing. Chris talks about cost control being critical as he tries to take his regional IT Service Provider business nationwide. Chris also goes at length about the personal and social value of Web 2.0, something I unfortunately had to strip from the show because it really did not fit the format, however, you will soon be able to hear it on Chris’s blog at www.chrisrue.com

Kudos to Karl @ www.smbbooks.com for the conference bridge hookup!

So there you have it, SPAM Show #5. If you’re doing great things and want to talk about them, the door is open.

You can listen to it live at www.ownwebnow.com