smgoStarting May 1, 2008, Own Web Now Corp will officially support Shockey Monkey 2.0 beta and further releases over the phone during business hours and over the web 24/7/365 as with all our other products. The support will be free and unlimited, a PSA first, and will not require extended support contracts that are a norm for this type of an application. We are also offering a 24 hour SLA, meaning your case will be assigned, processed and worked on within 24 hours of opening the case.

Scope of Support

Technical support will be limited to the use of the product as documented, installation and configuration, third party software integration and basic configuration troubleshooting. Any bugs or feature requests are not covered under the scope of support as they require development, testing, analysis, documentation and deployment management and will be handled by teams other than support. Should you encounter a bug or can think of a great feature, click on the Development tab in our system and provide a bug or a feature. If you create a support request that is a bug or a feature request we will move the support request to the feature request or bug sections of our portal on your behalf.

For support,