Earlier this week we had an issue where the routing network we use for Yahoo based mail (due to Yahoo’s gray listing policy) became suspended by Yahoo for the first time due to massive mail relayed by a Hosted Exchange client. Prior to today we would automatically suspend ExchangeDefender clients who would send massive amounts of mail through our outbound network; now Hosted Exchange clients are eligible for outbound suspensions as well. Some may wonder why we would only suspend XD clients; simply put we never had this issue with any Hosted Exchange clients in over 5 years of offering hosted exchange. Some may wonder why we would suspend their client if they are paying a ‘premium’ price for their mailbox — the answer is IP reputation and the TOS agreed upon by the partner. Neither we nor you can afford to affect routing for all clients due to the actions of any hosted exchange user.

Starting today on any Hosted Exchange user who sends more than 400 outgoing messages with less than 50% of the total volume being ‘unique’ will be automatically suspended. External mail from suspended mailboxes will be returned to the sender as follows:

#553 5.3.0 <user@domain.com>… AUP #21 Violation please contact your service provider. ##

Upon suspension we will first open a ticket with the service provider with the volume statistics of mail. If the provider asks for detailed information on the messages sent we will then generate a list of all mail sent by the client for review by the service provider.

No3strikesIf a mailbox does get suspended we will enforce the following policy with no exceptions.

1st Offense: Outbound mail restricted until partner acknowledges the AUP violation and informs their client of the offence.

2nd Offense: Outbound mail restricted for 24 hours. Partner will be sent a document to sign and return stating they acknowledge that we may enforce our TOS and terminate the clients mailbox on a third offense.

3rd Offense: All outbound mail for the mailbox is restricted and the outgoing address of the user becomes permanently null routed.

If any outbreak causes our IP reputation to be affected in any adverse way (RBL listing, etc.) we reserve the right to automatically advance to the steps outlined in the “Second Offense”.

Travis Sheldon
VP, Network Operations, ExchangeDefender
(877) 546-0316 x757