Easily send and receive encrypted messages by email, url, or sms.

ExchangeDefender Corporate Encryption is easy to use, can auto-detect sensitive data, and offers real-time reporting.


Easily send and receive encrypted messages

Send and receive encrypted messages from any modern web browser on your desktop and mobile.

Powerful policies and flexible encryption options

Revoke sent messages and pre-set automatic message expiration up to 30 days.

Stay safe with real-time reporting & certified delivery

Know exactly when the message was read (or printed, or forwarded) and by whom.

Automatically protect and account for sensitive information

Provide words and sentences that trigger automatic encryption or escalation to Compliance Officer.

Communicate sensitive information securely with enterprise-grade Encryption

ExchangeDefender email encryption integrates easily with our email hosting solution, and is compatible with all major email service providers – including Office 365, on-premise Exchange, and G-Suite for Business.


Detect Sensitive information

Pattern-based encryption can detect credit card numbers, social security numbers, dates of birth and other account-specific data.


Prevent Data Leaks

Organizations can configure their Lexicon dictionaries with specific words and word patterns that can trigger encryption mechanisms and protect from data leakage.


Custom Corporate Policies

Our solution offers Corporate encryption mechanisms that can automatically encrypt messages or forward the contents to the administrator for corporate review.


Full Reporting

Comprehensive reporting of all email activity as well as a Compliance Officer (CO) reporting with search capabilities provide proof of regulatory compliance and simplify reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

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ExchangeDefender Corporate Encryption

Communicate and manage sensitive information with confidence using Corporate Encryption.

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