Managed Services

Optimize the efficiency of your IT operations.

Managed IT Services: Make your technology work for you

Let’s face it – one size does not fit all. In order to succeed in business you need to be agile, efficient, and productive. ExchangeDefender can help customize our services to fit your unique business case scenario, integrate with third party solutions, create advanced workflows, and even provide the professional services with partners all around the globe.

What can we do for you?

Custom service integrations

Feature design & development

Service sales engineering

Rich open & proprietary API access.

Professional service support.

Legal & professional services.

Simply put, we can take our enterprise services, make them work how you work, tie in with your existing workflow and we have people that can implement, manage, and even explain them in court. With technology becoming a focus of government and regulators, having a partner that can speak both to technology and the law is critical.

Main Features

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ExchangeDefender team builds, manages, and develops our entire solution – and we can extend it to meet your needs and have it work the way you do. Details matter when it comes to efficiency and we love solving problems. Every product we have was once just a “cool feature” that solved a problem.

ExchangeDefender team is comprised of support, development, marketing, compliance, and technology professionals that work together to help organizations do amazing things. The way we plan, build, implement and manage solutions gives you one company to count on, without pointing fingers.

ExchangeDefender has a truly global reach with a local presence – we have infrastructure, partners, and connections on every continent you do business on and can help you integrate our services through open API, with third party closed/proprietary APIs or custom policy/regulation data storage requirements.

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Advanced Solutions for Sophisticated Organizations

- Dedicated Servers

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- Offsite Backups


Experts help you get the most out of the cloud.

- Custom Service Integrations

- Feature Design & Development

- Service Sales Engineering

- Rich Open & Proprietary API Access