XD LiveOnline! Workshop Series

XD LiveOnline! is a uniquely designed workshop series hosted by ExchangeDefender. We will provide an easy to follow agenda and also have a question and answer breakout session at the conclusion of each segment throughout the workshop. The workshop will be completely focused on I.T. Professionals and Small Business Owners and will not only provide training on how to be successful within the cloud, but how to effectively run and manage your business from a 360 degree view!

Conferences and workshops are a wonderful way to learn new information, train staff, and interact with peers in the community. How would you like to participate in a workshop from the comfort of your own office chair? How would you like to skip the travel and all of the hassles and costs that come along with traveling to a traditional training or conference?

The Workshop is only The XD LiveOnline Workshop will cover many topics in our 4 part series, 1 workshop every quarter. The series begins by focusing on setting yourself and your business up for success in the cloud in 2013. This will emphasize preparing your business, building a unique offering, and utilizing key sales techniques to drive revenue through your business.

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