Email Hosting Edition

Designed for organizations that need a reliable, full-service email with advanced security.

Business email secured, and managed by ExchangeDefender

Exchange 2016 means more security and reliability for email. It is now easier than ever to provide users with the right email, to stay productive.

Our Email Hosting for Business includes:

Microsoft Exchange 2016

OWA (Web Access)

NOC Service Alerts Site

24/7 Managed Support

User Support Portal

Full Compliance Reporting

Data Center Redundancy

Two-Factor Authentication

Virtual Private Network Access

Smarter Inbox

Exchange Server 2016 powers the latest Outlook experiences on phones, tablets, desktops, and the web so you can get more done, wherever you are.

Built-in Malware Protection

Malware protection scans all the sent and received emails within your organization.

Improved Searching

The new Compliance Search for e-Discovery, which allows you to search up to 10,000 mailboxes in a one search.

Mail Flow

The default maximum size of a message in both the send and receive connector has been increased from 10 MB to 25 MB.

Try ExchangeDefender’s Email Hosting Edition today!

Secure business email hosted and managed by ExchangeDefender.

The Current SMB Challenge

Email is the number one vector for malware, virus, and phishing attacks for small business with one in every 131 emails containing infection.

Budget constraints often discourage companies from investing in a secure, fully managed business email. However, no email during a website outage means loss of access to both your site and your email. These setbacks are known to cause small business – millions per year due to intermittent email connectivity. Organizations without managed email usually experience slower email delivery due to shared resources, and little to no support which makes it extremely difficult to manage and fix email issues within a timely manner.

Our Solution: Email Hosting for Business

ExchangeDefender’s full-service email for business offers the most secure messaging platform available with Microsoft Exchange 2016.

Our clients avoid major business risks that come with conducting business via email communications, by enabling top security experts to manage their email hosting for them. Our email hosting solution is proactively monitored to ensure the security of all company data against SPAM, malware, viruses, and more. Every organization managed by ExchangeDefender is equipped with their own client support portal in cases of immediate support, and have live access to top email security representatives via phone and chat.

Benefits of Email Hosting for Business

2016 Microsoft Outlook Inbox

Increased Email Capacity

Data Center Redundancy

Meets Compliance Requirements for Email

Increased Mobile Productivity with OWA

Feature Integration Flexibility

ExchangeDefender’s most powerful Microsoft Exchange solution is designed for businesses that need reliable, accountable and truly supported collaboration platform.

Service implementation is key and ExchangeDefender Email Hosting will make your business more secure, more productive and more prepared to deal with outages and regulatory compliance. People are a key part of this solution and we’ve got you covered from Outlook problems all the way to preparing Compliance Archiving audit reports.

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