Web File Sharing

Secure Large File Sharing and Collaboration for Business

Store and share files securely with ExchangeDefender File Sharing

ExchangeDefender Large File Sharing simplifies collaboration, sharing, and management of large files, and folders via a secure, regulatory web service.

Protect your files using a fully secure WFS portal. Share files securely with advanced encryption.

Share files securely inside or outside your organization, plus control user access.

Enjoy secure web access to your files anytime, anywhere using any device.

Built for the Modern Workplace

ExchangeDefender Secure File Sharing makes team collaboration easy and secure without IT expertise.

100GB File Storage

100 Gb of secure storage is available per user.

Unlimited Documents

Add unlimited documents per library.

Unlimited Libraries

Add as many file libraries as you need.

Large File Limit

Upload files up to 250Mb in size.

Unlimited Recipients & Groups

Add as many recipients and groups as you need.

Full Reporting

Full reports for all portal activity.

Quickly create libraries for easy document sharing and collaboration.

ExchangeDefender Web File Sharing makes it easy to quickly share a ton of large files without relying on email, clunky file servers, or cloud services primarily designed for file sync.

Reviewing new documents, uploads and comments are a breeze.

Web File Sharing for Business is quick, simple, and powerful! You can password protect a library, set automatic expiration, and get email notifications when new files are added by your coworkers, or downloaded by your clients.

Try ExchangeDefender Web File Sharing for Business today!

Add secure file sharing and cloud storage for just $5 per month*.

The Current SMB Challenge

83% of employees say they waste time every day tracking, sharing, or finding the correct version of a file.

The increase demand on workforce productivity and collaboration within the cloud has created its own obstacles for large file transfers, as email attachment sizes are too limited to accommodate the needs of the modern small business. Organizations are sending files that are larger than ever which provides its own challenges for traditional file transfer services. In addition, new regulatory compliance regulations demand more focus on secure transfer and storage when dealing with company, and end-user data. Small business are forced to reconsider using email as the sole medium for document sharing – due to security, usability, and poor productivity.

Our Solution: Web File Sharing

ExchangeDefender’s web file sharing enables organizations the ability to store, and share files and folders securely using our regulatory web service.

Our solution provides a single dashboard that makes team collaboration easy, secure, and accessible 24/7. This service offers full reporting of all portal activity for compliance. Web file sharing offers unlimited storage, makes it simple to quickly create libraries for easy document sharing without having to rely on email, or old file servers. We help our clients comply with data protocols by offering advanced security features like: real time monitoring, 256-bit encryption, and two-factor authentication, to keep your file sharing safe.

Discover advanced security features to keep file sharing safe.

ExchangeDefender Web File Sharing helps businesses comply with data regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, PCI, and more—in a single click.

Receive active alerts via email or text when unusual activity is discovered.

Uses the SSL protocol with 256-bit encryption for all data transfer sessions.

SSAE-16 Type II compliant, with 24-hour surveillance and biometric access controls.

Confirm user identity with two-step verification for an added layer of security.

Unify user access, and prevent data leakage from unauthorized users.

Secure Admin portal equipped with full reporting for compliance.

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