Over the next few days we will be conducting massive upgrades to the core of our ExchangeDefender network to add capacity and modernize some of the infrastructure that has served us really well. Here is a brief summary of the systems that will be affected:

support.ownwebnow.com – We will be upgrading our support portal and all the associated systems related to it from Saturday, June 24 – July 4th. Only time that user access will be affected is in the early hours of Sunday, June 24th. Systems are getting hardware and software upgrades and any interruption will be minimal and announced.

www.exchangedefender.com – We are upgrading our web site as well. Some portions of it may not be available from time to time on June 24 and June 25th.

outbound-jr, outbound-xd, outbound-enterprise, outbound-gov – Our entire outbound network is getting a massive overhaul to both address the growth and deliver the new features our clients have been asking for.

name services – We will be performing a minor upgrade to our DNS infrastructure. The current ns1.ownwebnow.com system has an uptime of 1,612 days (well over 4 years) and frankly, we’re just pushing our luck. It’s hot spare (that would take over immediately in the event of a failure) has already gone through two different Dell servers over the same time window and they are being replaced by something more robust.

These are not small changes and the work behind the scenes to make these upgrades has been going on for several months (and support.own case for nearly a year) and all the new systems that are coming in as a replacement have been burned in and online for months. We will do everything we can to minimize impact and will be putting announcements on @xdnoc handle on Twitter as well as site banners as the work is being done so that any interruptions can be minimized. As a global company we really don’t have a “downtime” when people are not using the network and our systems are massively scalable whereever technology allows it. That said, we are in an unprecedented time for hackers both in scale of attacks and the income potential so the threats our clients face are far more significant than interruptions during maintenance windows. As always, we appreciate the trust you put in us to manage your IT and we’ll keep you in the loop the whole way.