ExchangeDefender: LiveArchive

Enterprise-Grade Business Continuity

LiveArchive is an enterprise-grade business continuity platform that lets you resume work right where you left off if the Internet connection was interrupted or other technical malfunctions glitches got in the way of getting things done. Powered by our custom solutions in multiple data centers, LiveArchive delivers a vigorous and resourceful solution that is secure, reliable and free! The best part of all is that LiveArchive is always-on, constantly archiving your sent and received mail for up to one year, so there is no maintenance or management to worry about in case of an outage. LiveArchive is always-on and always uploading your mail whether your system is up or not. So there is no need to have to reinvent the wheel if anything crashes or any other unforeseen disaster takes place.


  • It's always-on, archiving in real-time, being powered by our mail systems with data center redundancy
  • You receive up to 1 year of inbound and outbound mail* actionable through the LiveArchive website
  • This will be keeping you in business by using our secure standby servers with your identity
  • There is no need for management, no maintenance to undertake, and no manual switches or software to install
  • It goes well beyond just email. It allows for you to sync your contacts, calendars, appointments and everything else in Outlook. And gives you the option to search and manage those items
  • You are able to access this security on your mobile device (i.e. laptop, iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.)

What does it look like?

How Does it Work?

It's as simple as typing in and logging on to your account using your credentials. You are able to send, receive, forward and search, any of the mail that you need which we have rescued for you. Our inbound and outbound servers are simply an in-between step to your email being sent; as it is going to and from your mailbox, your correspondence is being saved in our servers for you later.

Easy to Set-up and Use

Enable LiveArchive
Confirm that the Service Provider account has LiveArchive enabled for all new domains that are set-up. This will allow a user to be able to have access to LiveArchive when they need it.

Allow up to 1 minute for LiveArchive automation to propagate and complete.

Ensure that the account is active and live by attempting to log into the LiveArchive website with a user's ExchangeDefender credentials here.

No Training Required

ExchangeDefender LiveArchive is accessible securely over the web through our custom web interface, giving you nearly all of the capabilities that you already have in your email solution. If you use different platforms, the look and feel of LiveArchive will be easy to pick up and use no matter which platform you find yourself using. The ability to send, receive, forward, and search is very simple and intuitive. Windows or Mac, Internet Explorer or Safari, you'll be able to read and respond to a year worth of emails. You'll be able to schedule appointments, send contact cards, and even create journals and notes in the same way as your original platform.

Protect Your Brand & Reputation

ExchangeDefender LiveArchive is designed to help you preserve your brand and your reputation when disaster strikes. Being able to send and receive email with your email address, even when your servers are offline or office has no power, is critical to your existing relationships and your customers understanding that the message is indeed coming from you. Because LiveArchive is transparently integrated into ExchangeDefender, people you correspond with will not receive bounces or rejection notices while your mail servers are offline. Furthermore, LiveArchive is always-on so even if an outage only impacts one user (i.e. corrupted mailbox) they can use LiveArchive while the rest of the organization relies on the mail server.

With LiveArchive, nobody will ever know that you may be experiencing technical problems with your email.

Accessible on the Go

While you can always access LiveArchive through your web interface at your desk you can also interface from your mobile phone, through our mobile apps or by setting up accounts with your iPhone, Android, or any other mobile device. With this IMAP account you are able to constantly be connected to your email and be able to send and receive correspondence through your phone as well as the ability to have access to your contacts and appointments as needed. So you can access on the go. These applications are highly convenient to those who rarely find themselves behind a desk top. The applications are natively embedded on the device for your convenience so that there is no need to install them. All that needs to be done is switching the LiveArchive file on and you can send and receive things back and forth.

Benefits Beyond Interruptions

ExchangeDefender LiveArchive is primarily designed to allow the business to continue communicating when the internal IT infrastructure becomes unavailable, but there are many benefits beyond service interruptions. Because ExchangeDefender LiveArchive can hold up to 1 year** of inbound and outbound mail by default, users can rely on it to access mail that may have otherwise been deleted or archived by the corporate policy. If internal IT staff needs to make service changes and restarts during business hours, users can continue to count on LiveArchive while the servers are under maintenance. For many business travelers that are in corporate environments that prohibit external connections to OWA or do not have a webmail solution at all, LiveArchive provides a fantastic way to be productive and not interrupt corporate policies.

If the outage is for an hour, a day, or even a week business can continue to work with no interruption until the issue is taken care of.

Privacy and Security You Can Trust

ExchangeDefender LiveArchive is a secure subscription service, so you do not have to worry about your data being indexed to sell you advertising. All connections to LiveArchive are encrypted using 128bit SSL certificates, the same level of security enforced by online banking websites and payroll companies. The solution is actively monitored 24/7/365 and has security auditing levels that are unmatched in the industry. Combined with the proven security and audit controls present in Microsoft Exchange, the #1 collaboration platform in the world, ExchangeDefender LiveArchive provides higher level of security than on-premise mail servers that are often setup with system defaults without tuning and auditing compliance. After all, ExchangeDefender is a security product designed to keep you safe and secure.


While LiveArchive is great for business continuity and getting to your email, contacts and calendars, in a pinch when there is an issue, many organizations need to be absolutely certain that their email is archived and accessible and searchable at a moment's notice. For that product we encourage our clients to consider our ComplianceArchive solution which archives up to 10 years of email and is absolutely guaranteed to contain all of the messages that you may be looking for. In addition to gaining supplement archive access you are gaining sophisticated data mining tools which allow users and administrators to create unplugged searches that can identify data leakage, Intellectual Property theft, compromising information leaving the organization, and many more compliance related activities. It is also centrally managed and contains everything whereas LiveArchive only contains a subset of your information.

*For users that rely on email for correspondence, outbound network will automatically archive all outbound emails. If you have a business requirement that includes sending out notifications, automated responses, marketing, large distribution lists or other non-correspondance items, we offer outbound-jr high speed relay designed for that specific need. Please remember that since this mailbox content can be edited it's not considered compliant.

LiveArchive Login

In order to access your LiveArchive use your ExchangeDefender credentials and login at https://livearchive.