Corporate Email Encryption

Secure business communications with on-demand email encryption.

ExchangeDefender Encryption enables organizations to securely send, receive, and manage confidential email, providing an easy, seamless way to implement content protection.

256-Bit Encryption

ExchangeDefender uses bank-grade Encryption with 256-bit keys, to secure all encrypted emails.

No Install / Downloads

The system is entirely transparent with no software to install, or manage on either end.

Full Compliance

Encryption complies with HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, PCI, and local government requirements for data protection.

Powerful encryption features designed in one dashboard interface.

ExchangeDefender email encryption integrates easily with our email hosting solution, and is compatible with all major email service providers – including Office 365, on-premise Exchange, and G-Suite for Business.

Manage your Contacts

Create and securely store contacts to send encrypted messages to.

Portal Activity Reporting

Receive full reports on all activity within your encryption portal.

Manage Groups

Create custom groups, add as many contacts as you want.

Password Protect

Add additional security to your encryption messages with a password.


Destroy a message after its been read, or automatically destroy after # of days.

Read Notifications

Receive notifications when the recipient has read an encrypted message.

ExchangeDefender Encryption offers two levels of security.

Encrypt: Encryption provides the highest level of message protection. It requires the email recipient to enroll with ExchangeDefender, and provide additional authentication (PIN) on top of the encryption.

ClearEncrypt: Encryption provides a standard level of encryption that never transfers message contents in plain text. Enrollment is not required by email recipient.

The Current SMB Challenge

88% of companies suffer a data breach due to non-encrypted emails with sensitive information being hacked.

For the modern workplace, all types of business communications are done via email, and now data exposure has turned into a problem of great magnitude. With just a single wrong-click, an employee could unintentionally expose secret company information, financial statements, contracts etc. In order for organizations to thrive on business continuity, they must protect their data by enabling an email encryption solution.

Our Solution: Email Encryption

Email encryption is mandatory for full email compliance for all organizations who conduct business using email communication.

To protect your organization from data breaches, email encryption should be used as a preventative measure against tomorrow’s hackers. ExchangeDefender’s Email Encryption solution involves encrypting, or disguising email contents in order to protect sensitive company information from being read by unauthorized personnel.

Benefits of Corporate Email Encryption

ExchangeDefender Encryption instantly secures business communication.

Secure Data-at-Rest and Data-In-Motion

Encrypts all email and attachments on every server where they reside. If a user replies to an encrypted message, the reply is also automatically encrypted.

Pattern-Based Encryption

Auto-Detects credit card numbers, social security numbers, dates of birth, and other account-specific data.

Data Leak Prevention with Keyword Matching

Auto-Detects words and word patterns assigned by an organization that triggers encryption policies, protecting from data leakage.

Corporate Encryption Mechanism

Corporate encryption mechanisms can automatically encrypt messages or forward the contents to the administrator for review.

Comprehensive Reporting

Access to full reporting of all email activity, with search capabilities provide proof of regulatory compliance.

Try ExchangeDefender Encryption for Business today!

Protect your business communications for less than $5 a month*.

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