Email Outage Protection

Live Archive keeps employees sending and receiving email without disruption

Protect Your Brand & Reputation

ExchangeDefender Live Archive solution is designed to keep your organization in business whenever a disaster strikes. It provides continuous email communications regardless of internal network outages. Our service helps businesses preserve their brand and reputation while ensuring a reliable email continuity plan.

Say Goodbye to Email Outages

ExchangeDefender LiveArchive is primarily designed to allow the business to continue communicating when the internal IT infrastructure becomes unavailable. The service is continuously uploading your mail whether your system is up or not.

Get Up and Running in Minutes

The service is quick (less than a few minutes) and easy to setup. There are no software installations, and no manual switches. The easy part is that there is no management or maintenance required – we take care of it all.

Features included:

Real-time archiving

Live Archive is always on. Records emails instantly and is powered by our mail systems with data center redundancy.

One Year Storage

Receive up to 1 year of inbound and outbound mail accessible via our LiveArchive website.

Secure Servers

We offer email continuity using our secure standby servers to archive emails instantly.

No Download

No software installations, no manual switches, and does not require management or maintenance.

Mobile Friendly

Enjoy 24/7 access to your emails no matter where you go.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Users can access their email via our Live Archive website at from any wifi-enabled device.

Business as usual with Email Outage Protection.

Explore key productivity features that keep your emails coming no matter what.


No Outage Productivity Problems

Outages bring modern offices to a halt - especially the mobile workforce. With LiveArchive, resuming operations is easy; just open a browser and resume where you left off. Most importantly, not only do you have access to all your recent email but the system works in real time allowing you to continue sending, replying to and forwarding any new email while your infrastructure is down.


Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Accessing your emails on-the-go is important to keep businesses running smoothly. Office internet connection down? Working from home or local Starbucks? Server down? With LiveArchive, don’t miss a beat. You can even setup IMAP on your mobile device!


No Training Required

LiveArchive is automatic, all you need is a browser. Point it to – login with your current email address and password, and there you’ll see up to one year of your sent and received messages. All incoming mail while your server/mailbox/internet is down, will appear in real-time; and when you’re back online, all of your emails will be in your mailbox.

Keep your employees sending and receiving email without interruption.

Try ExchangeDefender’s Email Outage Protection solution today, for just $3 per month.*