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February 13, 2015

LocalCloud – Update

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Today I’ve published an update for LocalCloud, which addresses a few issues that would result in a failure to upload a file. This issue would only occur under certain conditions and was only prevalent in large files It’s turns out this was a result of a known bug inside the .NET framework and how it handles event notifications for the filing system. In addition to resolving this bug, I’ve also implemented a few performance enhancements that should make the application run smoother.


If you’re running a previous version make sure to uninstall it first. However, we’ve upgraded to a new installation platform and all future updates will be patched automatically.


Several months ago we added the LocalCloud feature set into our ExchangeDefender mobile application for both the iPhone and Android. Now you have the ability to access your files from your desktop, mobile workstation and practically any mobile device!



If you have never heard of LocalCloud, it’s a cloud based storage solution for documents. It recognizes multiple file types and is 100% compatible with office applications. You can share documents between computers and even allow other individuals access to your files. With multiple access points comes great responsibility, for this we have access control. This feature allows you or another individual to “check-out” files to prevent accidental overwrites while the data is exchanged in the cloud.


February 2, 2015

ExchangeDefender – Licensing (Enhanced)

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Over the years we’ve always had a desire to increase the aspects of reporting in several areas. However due to time restraints and prioritizing our efforts towards ensuring we made our platform completely stable and continuing to provide a rock solid solution, we had to defer until later.

This has been the case for the last few years. We all worked insane hours to ensure that everyone had an awesome product, that they would be proud to call their own! Now we are enjoying the fruits of our labor and focusing on creating more of the eye popping visual features that will really help showcase our product!

As a result, I’m proud to showcase one of our latest ExchangeDefender features.

While signed in as a (Service Provider) account, you can view the licensing page located under: Licensing->Management. Here you could see the total seat count for the desired domain at a glance. We’ve expanded this to also include the ability to list each individual account under the domains. This is a toggle-able option that is off by default to help limit the initial page load for those who don’t want the extra information.

XD Licensing

Not only that, you also have the ability to save and download a PDF of the current view. This has been highly requested by several users as to provide them the ability to keep archived copies of their seat counts each month for financial records. Other users have simply expressed the need to print these reports, which we have also implemented with one click access.

XD - Licensing 2

Lastly we understand that our partner’s clients also like to be kept in the loop about their spam information from time to time. Listed next to every domain is the ability to view and print the current SPAM statistics for that account. All of this information is simply one click away, quick and easy access to the information your clients want to see!

Stay tuned we’re working on even more exciting features to help ease the load of bringing a new client on-board and continuing to manage that account!

December 2, 2014

Outlook Add-In (New Features)

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve improved some core functionality inside of our Outlook SMTP Security Platform. We’ve reviewed customer feedback on a few issues, features requests and overall usability. In addition to the software improvements, we’ve introduced a new feature available to all ExchangeDefender Pro customers (not available in Essentials).

Flag Robot

This new feature is called the Robot Filter. The feature allows for automatic processing of newsletters into a sub folder within your inbox. Messages that are deemed to match the extensive rule set are quickly processed and sent to this folder.

This works for existing (unread) messages and new messages that arrive after Outlook has been launched. Also if you come across a message that was missed, you can use the “Flag Robot” button to report that sender and catch future messages. Now when you come into work, you don’t have to spend hours going through your daily newsletters. However these messages will still exist perfectly save inside of the Robot Filter folder to be reviewed at your convenience. In the event you locate a message that you don’t want flagged, you may click the button that says “Always Inbox” to have the rules skip the designated sender.

You may also use the “Report Spam” anywhere inside of your inbox to quickly flag a message and submit the headers to us for improved filter results.

Use our product and if your not happy tell us how to improve, that’s all we ask!
Your feedback shapes our future developments, so tell us what you need.

September 2, 2014

Development Log

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Over the past few months I’ve taken the time to update several different aspects of our product offerings. The updates and products we decided to implement were prioritized based on bugs & feature requests that had been submitted properly through our internal support portal.

First on the list was our Outlook 2010 & 2013 SMTP Security Add-in, which also applies to the desktop agent. We’ve added several new features, improved performance and fixed a few bugs. Listed below are the enhancements we’ve added based on user feedback.

  • Added the ability to view & manage alias accounts.
  • Added the ability to disable automatic refresh.
  • Added a direct link to the user’s web portal.
  • Fixed a link causing quick links to not work properly.
  • Added version numbers to the settings page.
  • Updated the “Dismiss All” label to “Review All”.
  • Window size & state are now persistent between restarts.
  • Added the ability to resize the window.
  • Added the ability to resize columns.
  • SPAM counts are now listed next to the addresses.
  • Right click menu has been added.
  • We’ve added the ability to trust an entire domain.
  • Updated Documentation
  • Updated Publisher Information

We’ve also went through an updated most of the online documentation since we’ve undergone such dramatic changes throughout the years. New images have replaced old instructional images, revised steps and procedures for various platforms and even structured the documents to allow for easy navigation. You can find all of the updated documentation here:

Several core internal programs have also been updated to allow our highly trained support staff to escalate and speed up response time for some of our more complex requests. One area of improvement has been geared towards Compliance Archive and simplifying the process to retrieve an export of a user’s mailbox.

We’re currently working on bringing several enhancements to LocalCloud. We’ve had several clients report issues with client stability. So we are working on a performance update, which will also allow for automatic updates in the future. We are also working on enhancing the Web Sharing file uploading service, by enhancing the upload controls and server-side timeouts.

July 23, 2014

Mobile – XD Business Communicator

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XD Business Communicator is one of our latest additions to our mobile software suite. Extending the functionality and portability of our ExchangeDefender product line, this app keeps your connected!

You have the ability to manage your SPAM & SURESPAM quarantines. You can view each message in real time with a life preview pulled directly from our secure network. In the event you come across a message that has been caught by mistake, you can release the message for delivery. You also have the ability to whitelist (trust) a sender to ensure future mail delivery from that specified contact.

Another useful feature packaged within the mobile application is the ability to generate an e-mail message ready for encryption. This feature will start a new message with [Encrypt] prepended to the subject line. This will ensure the message is sent through our encryption mail delivery channels. The only thing left for you to do is enter the recipient and message body and hit send.


In the event of a catastrophic failure and your mail server is down or inaccessible, you have direct access to your live archive account. By clicking the button labeled Livearchive you will be signed directly into your business continuity account. This provides a quick and workable solution in the event of an emergency!


This feature is one of our newest additions. If you have 2FA enabled on your ExchangeDefender profile, this will allow you to generate a one-time use authentication code to access your account. Upon attempting to sign-in to your online profile, you will be prompted for the 2FA code which will be available on this mobile device. Those who required increased security, this is the feature that will help bring that comfort home!


We’re constantly providing updates to our applications. The about page display general information about the application and information about what’s changed between software revisions.

July 16, 2014

SMTP Security Outlook 2010, 2013 & Desktop Client – Major Update

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Today we’ve published an update to the Outlook 2010, 2013 and Desktop Client SMTP Security application. This update addresses several bugs, performance issues and even a few feature requests!

  • We’ve added the ability to view and manage alias accounts. (See Figure 1)
  • An issue where the submission of multiple spam messages at once has been fixed.
  • Messages submitted as SPAM are now sent to the “Junk” folder.
  • Fixed several performance issues relating to “Hanging” or “Freezing”.
  • We’ve fixed the issue that was causing the “Add-In” tab to be renamed.
  • We’ve added the ability to disable the automatic refresh cycle. (See Figure 2)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing compliance messages to not populate.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the quick links to not work correctly. (See Figure 3)

If you currently have the add-in installed, simply close and re-launch outlook. If you had our most recent version previously, the add-in should automatically update. However, if you notice that an automatic update did not occur, simply uninstall the old version and obtain the latest version.




Figure 1 – Ability to view and manage alias accounts.
You alias accounts will populate in this list in the order of the main account, then followed by domain and users alphabetically.

Figure 2 – Ability to disable automatic refresh intervals.
You now have the option to disable the automatic synchronization.

Figure 3Fixed an issue that caused the quick links to not work correctly.
Clicking this link will sign you into your web management console automatically!

November 8, 2013

ExchangeDefender Client Software

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We are proud to present the first release of the new Client Software infrastructure that is starting to include all of our ExchangeDefender solutions under one look and experience. As I’ve explained before, we are bringing the same ExchangeDefender web experience to your Desktop/Outlook as well as the mobile world of iOS and Android. Lot’s of new stuff so let’s get started.

Branding: The most demanded feature for the Outlook and Desktop addin. You don’t have to customize things either, all the product names, logos and colors will be pulled down from ExchangeDefender based on the user login.


We are adding search as well as message previews to ExchangeDefender quarantines. This gives our clients true, live access to the SPAM quarantine and makes the system respond in realtime along with the ability to instantly print, whitelist or deliver the message.


Previews are great for clients that need immediate access and don’t want to waste tons of time waiting for emails to be released and delivered to their Inbox – they can access them right away!

Speaking of the need for realtime alerts, some of our clients really liked old email reports because they would get that daily reminder of all their SPAM. We’ve introduced a new feature with the ExchangeDefeder Outlook addins (desktop has had it for years) that will pop up a reminder that there is new SPAM waiting for you every 30 or 60 minutes.


LiveArchive & Compliance Archive

Just one more.. well, two more things. We are adding access to LiveArchive and ComplianceArchive so it’s never more than one click away.

LiveArchive will give you a one click access to the full web experience of a fully functional webmail client now with contacts, appointments and a year of your email.

Compliance Archiving is being embedded right into the product – you will be able to quickly locate, open and even filter down messages by subject, sender, recipient and date. This will allow people with very large mailboxes to quickly get to the messages that may have been received years ago with a quick search.


One of the biggest improvements in the actual infrastructure of the Desktop and Outlook 2010 & 2013 addins is that the addin will automatically update itself whenever a new version is released. Unfortunately, you will have to uninstall the existing addin and install the new one from here, but this will be the last time!

As always, all our software is available for download here.

Hank Newman

VP, Development

October 25, 2013

ExchangeDefender Outlook 2013 Integration

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We’re happy to announce Outlook 2013 addin for ExchangeDefender. You can download it here and you won’t have to use anything but Outlook to access your most frequently used ExchangeDefender functions such as management of SPAM quarantines, whitelists, stats and so on. The plugin will refresh the data every 30-60 minutes (or in realtime if you prompt it to do so) and it’s just that simple.



What I would like to discuss now is the future of the platform. As you may have seen on this blog, there has been a significant amount of mobile development on our Shockey Monkey platform. All of that is coming to ExchangeDefender as well this quarter.

It gets even better: Now that we have ExchangeDefender Outlook addins for Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 (in addition to our Desktop addin, our web portal) we are looking to extend these addins to incorporate additional ExchangeDefender features to the everyday Outlook experience: LiveArchive Business Continuity, Encryption, File Sharing, Compliance Archiving Search and Recovery, LocalCloud, Chat and more. By further integrating these services with your mobile and desktop (or Outlook) experience we are able to provide a more cohesive and collaborative office experience no matter where you are or which device you are using. This is a significant challenge but one that we are working on every day.

Hank Newman
VP of Development, ExchangeDefender

September 11, 2013

Shockey Monkey launches native app for Android phones & tablets

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We are proud to announce that Shockey Monkey is now available for download on your Android device. This app does require Android version 4.0 and higher in order to install and take advantage of its great features. Now you can take your service desk with you on the road and never again be stranded without knowing exactly what support issues await your arrival.


Google Play Link – Shockey Monkey

We’ve taken the feedback from our previously release BETA that was published to the iPad to enhance this experience. The Shockey Monkey app now supports background synchronization, so you are no longer stuck sitting and watching a loading screen for long periods of time. You also now have complete control over your companies & contacts, with the ability to dial them from the application.

We’ve implemented an advanced synchronization module that will feed information efficiently and provide you with more accurate and up to date information. You have access to all of your open tickets within your portal and can easily navigate, update and retrieve critical information from these tickets. This become critical when you are on the road and forget your job details or new jobs come in within a moment’s notice!


We also have more good news!

We are so pleased with the outcome of this new app, that we are pushing the changes onto the Apple iOS version as well. We have already finished the iPhone port and are making the updates to the iPad app currently. We hope that by the end of the month both of these new mobile apps will be available via the iTunes and you can take Shockey Monkey anywhere your job takes you!

Hank Newman

August 16, 2013

LocalCloud 2.1

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We’ve released an update to the desktop version of ExchangeDefender LocalCloud. We’ve spent a few days sifting through bugs reported via (The bug section) @ for ExchangeDefender LocalCloud and those are the ones we focused on and fixed. Listed below are the hand full of bugs that were isolated and corrected. You can find the most recent version (v1.2), here.

· Fixed an issue that would cause the application to crash upon launch.

o This issue was caused by invalid .ICO files being supplied for branding. Even though it explicitly states that you must provide .ICO files for the Product Icon:, we had users uploading (jpg, gif, png) files.


· Fixed an issue that would prevent files from being deleted from the cloud upon request.

· Fixed an issue that would cause the application to continuously download/synchronize files.

While out team was busy correcting the issues reported for the desktop version of LocalCloud, we finalized our initial Web Version of the file sharing software. The web interface is a slightly trimmed down version of the Desktop Software, for what should be obvious reasons.

The Web Interface Offers, (Fully Integrated – into the (USER) control panel.) the ability to view, download and upload files to your personal /shared LocalCloud accounts.


The accounts you have access to will be located in the left panel and their content is located to the right. You can easily transverse through the file structures to either upload or download a desired file. Complete with real time file upload & download status and located at the bottom of the screen is your storage quota. Now you can view & access your files from virtually anywhere.

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