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We are back from the Thanksgiving holidays but don’t worry, we didn’t take any time off. This week we talk about all the effort that went into doing the maintenance over the long weekend, new developments, changes to the product portfolio and more. We also finally got real recording gear so it sounds great!

DPodDownload ExchangeDefender Executive Podcast #3 (mp3, 6mb)

Here is a brief summary of what we talked about:

– Shockey Monkey Reloaded UI enhancements
– Load times boosted 300%
– Massive cleanup of all screens to a single consolidated UI framework

– Shockey Monkey is now completely free and all Pro features are included!
– We’re beta testing ExchangeDefender Essentials LiveArchive
– Exchange 2010 custom backups (for client-dictated backup policies)

Nothing broke and tons of new stuff came online. This will be a huge December for us as we look to close 2011 strong so stay tuned and make sure you’ve got the latest developments.

P.S If you missed the Shockey Monkey Reloaded webinar, click here for a replay.

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, Own Web Now Corp
(877) 546-0316 x500
(407) 536-VLAD

Good news – you loved ExchangeDefender Executive Podcast #1 and it seems like the idea really resonated well with our partners that are trying to stay on top of everything but just don’t have the time for it all. I’ve been fortunate enough to speak to many of our partners this week and I’m amazed at how many of you found it worthwhile – so we will keep on doing it every week. Keep the feedback coming: 

DPodDownload ExchangeDefender Executive Podcast #2 (mp3, 13mb)

Here is a brief summary of what we talked about:

– Testing of the new Compliance PST import tool
– Revamp of ConnectWise integration (using callbacks, no more emails)
– Shockey Monkey Chat audio alerts
– NOC updates to @xdnoc twitter, timestamp bug fixed

– Halloween Promotion
– ConnectWise promotion, room drops, etc

Network Operations
– Dewey MBOX2 nightmare
– Exchange 2007 vs. 2010: Why you need to move to 2010
– Rockerduck georedundandcy update


It’s been a busy week for us, next week we will be at HTG and ConnectWise, week after that we’re unveiling new Shockey Monkey partnerships and an upgrade to our Looks Cloudy site.

P.S. Apologies in advance over the audio quality, new audio and video gear is on it’s way and #3 will sound great. In the meantime, our apologies for the popping p’s.

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, Own Web Now Corp
(877) 546-0316 x500
(407) 536-VLAD

Important: This is something new and just like with everything 1.0 we need your feedback. Give it a listen and please fill out the survey:

ExchangeDefender Executive Podcast is a short, 10 minute recording meant to sum up a week worth of news and developments across our products and services.  As we get bigger and you become more successful, time becomes very scarce and nobody can afford to miss out – so we figured a short podcast that you can listen to in your car on your way to work or on your way to the client would fit the bill for folks that don’t have the time to read half a dozen blog posts, hour long webinars or training throughout the week. So here is the first one:

DPodDownload ExchangeDefender Executive Podcast #1 (mp3, 9 Mb)

We hope this gives our busy partners a way to stay in the loop. While it’s not as detailed or as worthwhile as the blog posts and longer webinars we offer on our blog, I hope this is a great investment of time for those of you who have various staff that needs to stay on top of what your coolest vendor is doing.

Give it a listen and please fill out the survey. Have a great week!

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, Own Web Now Corp
(877) 546-0316 x500
(407) 536-VLAD

This Wednesday we will be holding our second webcast with CharTec’s Frank Gurnee and going over the business implementation of the Cloud & HaaS models and how they complement each other perfectly in the new economy. It’s no secret that budgets are still tight and that our client base is always looking for ways to do things faster, better and… cheaper. The advances in the bandwidth have made the cloud revolution possible and the HaaS plays hand in hand with the SaaS model, allowing you to grow faster with less money.

Please join us this Wednesday at 12:30 EST:

These webcasts are not recorded and are not meant to be glorified sales pitches. You either recognize the opportunity and want our help with the tips and tricks around the profitable implementation or not. If you are going in the cloud/HaaS direction, we will put our resources behind you and make sure you’re up to speed and push you forward as fast as possible.

Working closer with partners is our major goal for 2010, hope you’re a part of it. Register for the event and see how we can help.

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, Own Web Now Corp

Spectacular event, nearly everyone showed up and through the magic of social networking we wrapped up some old friends and some new friends.

Joining us from Autotask, CEO Bob Godgart, talked about the upcoming event Autotask Live that OWN/ExchangeDefender will be sponsoring. Bob talked at length about the IT space, Web 2.0 and the control of company information as well as tracking data and availability. This is really the beauty of the SPAM Show, where the leaders of the industry drop in and you never know what they have on their mind that they are willing to share. Bob also discusses a lot of development and investment in Autotask, the community that surrounds it, the value of the SBSC.

Mark Crall walks us through the new Microsoft SBSC program and all the effort that went into getting it put together. Mark discusses in great detail the specifics of the new brand, the new requirements and the new benefits that all Microsoft partners need to be aware of.

Erick Simpson joins us to talk about the success and lessons learned from the first MSPU bootcamp, that OWN/ExchangeDefender was proud to play a part of – we will be sponsoring the entire circuit this year so join us at next one happening in Baltimore later this spring.

Last but certainly not the least, the pioneer of SMB IT broadcasting, my good old friend Chris Rue pays us a visit to talk about social networking and the way to leverage it for SMB marketing. Chris talks about cost control being critical as he tries to take his regional IT Service Provider business nationwide. Chris also goes at length about the personal and social value of Web 2.0, something I unfortunately had to strip from the show because it really did not fit the format, however, you will soon be able to hear it on Chris’s blog at

Kudos to Karl @ for the conference bridge hookup!

So there you have it, SPAM Show #5. If you’re doing great things and want to talk about them, the door is open.

You can listen to it live at

We proudly present SPAM Show #3. This all star mega mix super chat is about one thing: Awareness.

Understand that things change, understand where you are, understand what worked, understand why things worked or why things failed and understand where we are all moving. We discuss the MSP Mentors Top 100 ranking publication, Microsoft starting to open stores, Apple’s competitive challenge, Master MSP roles and the other exciting developers in our space.

This is by far the biggest one we’ve had so far: Mark Crall, Stuart Selbst, Dave Sobel and Karl Palachuk all join Vlad Mazek for an hour of analysis of top MSP and SMB trends of the week.

Tune in. You can stream the show by clicking the play button on the right.

P.S. The beta invitation mentioned at the beginning of the show will be published later this week.

I hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday afternoon. It’s my great pleasure to bring you OWN’s SPAM Show #2 with a special guest Tim Barrett. Tim is a prolific blogger and joins Mark, Stuart and me to discuss the changes coming with Windows 7. The conversation gets away from licensing and features that are still in development and onto the quagmire of supporting multiple production operating systems from Microsoft in a managed services industry. We talk about the opportunities and challenges this presents for us, our partners and vendors.

We also spice it up a little with the discussion about network policies and how an Indian contractor nearly destroyed Fannie Mae’s server infrastructure after being terminated for general incompetence. It doesn’t get more entertaining than that.

Click here to download it today or listen to it from our web site.

About SPAM Show

SPAM Show is OWN’s attempt to reach out to partners in order to inform, entertain and communicate the news in our business. More personally, it is a way for me to reconnect and chat with my peers so I can step on top of my game – and I’m glad to share. Show is free and open to anyone in our partner base, if you have something that’s on your mind and would like to discuss it please let me know.

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, Own Web Now Corp

Welcome to 2009! We’re half-way through the first month of the year, and things are going great. Thank you for a fantastic 2008, for your feedback, for your development support and, most of all, for your money. Own Web Now is a great company because its partners and clients invest in us by helping us deliver the exact software and services that are expected. I will not lie… 2008 was tough. We straightened out billing. We globalized half a dozen services. We added staff across the board and positioned the company to be by your side for years.

Now it’s payback time. My biggest regret in 2008 was that I did not spend enough time talking to you- my fellow partners and clients.

Today we are changing all that with the launch of Own Web Now’s SPAM Show. This podcast is meant to do two things:

1) Bring you up to speed with developments at Own Web Now

2) Provide you with the expert opinion on today’s top tech trends

Whether you own your own technology business or are responsible for a network of 64,000 users, time is scarce. Staying on top of all the technology developments and getting various opinions and experiences is a very difficult and time consuming task. Thankfully, I work with many intelligent people at Own Web Now and have a lot of friends in the IT field that talk to a lot of techies, and we will do our best to present a concise review of what you should be thinking about. (This used to be the most popular and most demanded quality of the SBS Show – people love to learn but they also like to be entertained and to save time.)

So to find out what is on my mind and what my friends are working on… just tune in and listen. The first show is online already:

 Download OWN’s SPAM Show #1

Featuring Mark Crall from Tech Care Team and Stuart Selbst from SecureMyCompany, Inc. They discuss trends in cloud services, Kaseya, Google Reseller program and more.

Mark and Stuart are my go-to folks in the community and true leaders in our market. To find out more about them you can follow their blogs: Mark Crall’s blog. Stuart Selbst’s blog.

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, Own Web Now Corp


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