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March 17, 2016

St Patty’s Day Promotion

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Come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with our promotion going on, starting March 17th and ending April 17th. We are offering $3.00 off Full Hosted Exchange with an order of 5 mailboxes or more. Just use the code: XDLUCKY16 when ordering your mailboxes. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free emailing us at or calling us at (877) 546-0316.

December 3, 2014

Holiday Project Cutoff

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As many of you are painfully aware, the most convenient time for most small business IT work is between Christmas and New Years day when most employees try to take time off and technology changes have the least impact on productivity.

The deadline for ExchangeDefender Migrations is December 5th. If you are planning to delegate some or all of the migration work to us during Dec 20 – Jan 3 window the contracts need to be in our hands and schedules set by the end of this week.

Our ExchangeDefender Migrations service is an extensive consulting, planning, management and technology offering in which we do all the work of moving your clients from where they are now to our ExchangeDefender & Exchange 2013 platform. From server to desktop to employee, technology to training, we do the whole thing. The secret to being able to do this successfully and effectively is tons of preparation and admin work and in order to have it done by the end of the year requires some advanced scheduling. Thank you for your understanding.

If you haven’t relied on us for migration assistance we should talk and soon. Even if we’re only taking care of the backoffice mail migration and not interacting with the client or desktop alone, it’s totally worth it. Partners often involve us in desktop support side as well, where problems can be extensive and random and fixing obscure “weird” issues that your technicians are seeing for the first time usually leads to hours of searching through forums attempting one home remedy after another – we’ve been down many of those roads and can make things move much faster as you onboard your new client.

As one of my partners and good friends recently told me: “I really love the technology business, except for the technology part.” and she is right, the amount of effort required to get just the basic stuff working consistently and across so many operating systems, devices and weird case scenarios is where most partners bleed out their otherwise profitable contracts. Which is why so many just make ExchangeDefender deal with all things Exchange and Outlook.

On behalf of the whole team here at Own Web Now, ExchangeDefender and Shockey Monkey, we wish you a happy (and prosperous) holiday season!

Vlad Mazek
CEO, ExchangeDefender

December 12, 2013

We’ve Upgraded Exchange Essentials

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Let’s face it, not all businesses need mission critical, data center redundant, year-long business continuity backing their operations. They just need an effective system to communicate and collaborate. Say hello to ExchangeDefender Exchange Essentials 2013. Here is the executive overview:

Microsoft Exchange 2013 Mailbox (10GB)

ExchangeDefender Essentials Security

5 days of business continuity (Emergency)

Private Branding + White Label

24/7 Support via portal, phone and chat

Just $7.99 $6.99 / month

This highly redundant offering is a perfect starter email solution for a company migrating from SBS or in-house server solution. True, it doesn’t have long term business continuity of LiveArchive, compliance, encryption, migration assistance or data center redundancy but if you need to manage your budget this is a great way to do it.

One more thing: For the next month we will be offering a discount of $1 that will be locked in for at least one year, so it’s yours for just $6.99 per user per month. Of course you can rebrand it and adjust the pricing to compensate you for provisioning and rollout.

But what if it goes down?

Exchange in the cloud is the same as Exchange in your office, there is no magical version and from time to time it will have issues. We have a redundant and clustered deployment so when we have to do maintenance or when there is an unexpected issue, we can shut down servers without interrupting service. But let’s say something significantly bad is going on and everything goes lights out – what now? Well, we have ExchangeDefender Emergency backing you up and giving you access to 5 days worth of email archive that you can search, view and reply/compose from. You continue to work until your Exchange mailbox is ready.


This in fact is the biggest and easiest upsell in our cloud portfolio: Once you show your users how easy it is to be able to send and receive email when there is an outage, just tell them you have another solution that also gives them access to all their contacts and appointments – along with a year worth of items available for them. Oh, and it works on your mobile device as well so you don’t have to be stuck in front of a PC with a web browser. For just $2 a month more you can have ultimate peace of mind knowing that you’ll never have to worry about your mail.

But Vlad says this is not for business? Is it?

As an expert (not meaning smart, meaning I’ve been through enough email outages to know better) I cannot in good conscience recommend a solution that I know has a potential to cause downtime. ExchangeDefender Essentials was built as a way to compromise on data center and business continuity systems in order to create a budget friendly service.

My personal opinion of the potential pitfalls is not the corporate representation of the product or everyone that works here: We support the product around the clock, we spare no expense when it comes to creating a high end product, we have built what we believe is the most effective and most powerful email solution on Exchange 2013. But if something has a potential to go down, when the rock solid one costs just $2 more, I just cannot hide my contempt for it, that’s all. Take it with a grain of salt as you do all opinions. This is just one of the differences with ExchangeDefender, we are here for our partners and our clients – not investors. We want to give you every benefit we can possibly come up with so you can win in the market and make your clients happy.

To sum it up

Enjoy. If you have any users on SBS this is a great opportunity to get them on a solid platform for $6.99 with the discount through the end of January 2014.

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, ExchangeDefender

July 15, 2013

Compliance Promotion Is Ending Soon

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It’s summer time and we are promoting two products for the month of July! Right now we are offering fifty percent off Corporate Encryption and Compliance Archiving. Not sure if these services are right for your customers? Here’s a brief overview of each.

Compliance Archiving

Two things to consider when wondering if this is something your clients need or should consider:

1) The name of the product speaks for itself, compliance. ExchangeDefender’s Compliance Archiving service is compliant in accordance with HIPAA, FINRA, SOX, and SEC as well as many other standards that are published by nearly every industry. Compliance works through the Exchange journaling technology; once the service is set up all messages sent and received will be delivered to the compliance service. In addition to meeting requirements of archiving all inbound and outbound mail, Compliance Archiving also covers interoffice email which can help your clients in HR disputes and lawsuits.

2) Don’t worry about storage costs. There are other products on the market similar to ExchangeDefender’s Compliance Archiving, but those products require contracts and additional storage fees forcing you to compromise on the length of storage or which data gets archived. ExchangeDefender provides unlimited storage and stores ten years worth of email beginning on the date the service is set up (p.s. We can also import your old mail as well). Compliance Archiving allows you to offer your clients a long term storage solution in addition to giving them access to years’ worth of emails at the click of a button without a compromise of excessive storage fees or selective archiving of only the “important stuff” because when people get in legal trouble everything becomes important and relevant.

Compliance Encryption

Corporate Encryption is especially important for those clients in the health care, financial and legal field or anyone who is in charge of sensitive information. ExchangeDefender’s Corporate Encryption is able to encrypt based on message patterns (lexicons, dictionaries) as well as preset patterns like social security, credit card and sender/recipient email addresses. If you need to block data leakage on a more sophisticated level, such as custom account numbers, we can help you there as well. Encryption is a product we take extremely seriously and it takes about a week to get all the paperwork, testing and implementation completed so please call us ahead of time to get it all set. 

Don’t let this slip by you, you have until July 31st. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at:, or 877-546-0316 x 739.

November 12, 2012

Thanks ConnectWise IT Nation 2012!

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cw11Thank you to everyone that stopped by our ExchangeDefender booth at ConnectWise IT Nation 2012!! As usual, ConnectWise put on a great event at a beautiful venue with tons of valuable content and social interactions in an atmosphere conducive to learn and further build upon business relationships.  We had a lot of great conversations with some of our existing partners and also meet some potential new partners.

At our booth this year we decided to have a Spin-to-Win wheel and it was a huge success!! We gave away a ton of our services for FREE exclusively to those who gave the wheel a spin and landed on those offerings. In addition to the offers, we also had some big prize winners! See our ExchangeDefender Facebook page for more pictures!

We had a great event, and we look forward to ConnectWise IT Nation 2013!

Stephanie Hasenour
VP Marketing, ExchangeDefender

March 12, 2012

2 More Days!

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2 Days Left*Attention!!! There are only 2 more days left of our Valentine’s Day promotion!

You don’t want to miss the chance to get a great pricing discount on our best full featured offerings. Take advantage of this offer for our Hosted Exchange solutions for one flat, all-inclusive rate per mailbox per month. You can offer your clients a hosted messaging solution that is flexible enough for their varying needs today and tomorrow, and robust enough to enable you to turn a profit on every mailbox every month.

With Hosted Exchange 2010 + SharePoint 2010 from ExchangeDefender, data is stored on our globally-redundant infrastructure and accessible via Outlook Web Apps, Outlook desktop client, and mobile devices. Hosted Exchange 2010 + SharePoint 2010 from ExchangeDefender is protected by the world-class ExchangeDefender security suite, so in addition to being reliable, messages will be free of malicious code and safe for consumption anytime, anywhere, and also comes with the LiveArchive service built right in.

Hosted Exchange Essentials is a budget-friendly security solution that covers the basic needs of many small businesses.

Whatever your clients’ needs are, you can get your foot in the door and start or continue building a strong relationship with the powerful combination of Hosted solutions and ExchangeDefender.  Now you can offer your clients an attractive combination of rich features, affordability, security and flexibility on our globally-redundant infrastructure that even most large enterprises cannot build in-house.

Hosted Exchange 2010 + SharePoint 2010 – $8.00/mailbox/month

Hosted Exchange Essentials 2010 – $6.00/mailbox/month

Be sure to use the coupon codes that are associated with the offers to receive the promotional pricing.

Stay tuned to your mailboxes and also our ExchangeDefender Promotions page, to always be on top of all of the great offerings available to you!

Stephanie Hasenour
VP Marketing, ExchangeDefender

February 23, 2012

ExchangeDefender Essentials: The Key Points

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We launched the product a couple of weeks ago, and our CEO, Vlad Mazek, conducted a webcast last week describing the product and structure in great detail. We were thrilled to see so many great partners turn out for the live webcast, but realize that many many more just weren’t available last Thursday afternoon.

ExchangeDefender Essentials is a budget-friendly security solution that covers the basic needs of many small businesses.

The nine highlights are as follows:


So here’s a brief recap of how ExchangeDefender Essentials works:

ExchangeDefender Essentials is just fifty cents per user per month, the most competitive price on the market! A one year commitment is required unless you are “grandfathering” in existing accounts from the 1.0 Essentials version. We can handle support & billing, and we promise no catches or gotchas on support. Essentials can not be resold, rebranded or bought directly.

The new version and price will be available March 1st and existing clients will have the price reduction applied on their March 1st invoice.

The best part of all, though, is that every ExchangeDefender Essentials account includes an amazing “kicker:”

ExchangeDefender Essentials Emergency (E^3) absolutely FREE!

ExchangeDefender Essentials Emergency is a scaled down version of our popular Live Archive product, which we ended up adding into the 2.0 release because we just weren’t comfortable putting our name on a security solution that didn’t include the most critical business continuity functionality.

ExchangeDefender Essentials Emergency is exactly that. It includes five (5) days of inbound mail with compose, reply, and forward functionality. No maintenance is required, ExchangeDefender Essentials Emergency is always on and always enabled. Plus, the initial rollout is even automated. It’s always there and waiting, in case of any challenge or emergency your clients may face. And best of all, it’s free. For every user.

Do you find this information useful?

lcIf you’d like a lot more in-depth discussion about the cloud and how it affects you and your clients, visit Looks Cloudy where I blog daily about the adoption of the cloud in SMB, conduct live webcasts and podcasts with industry leaders, and more.

Kate Hunt
VP Community Development, ExchangeDefender
(877) 546-0316 x777

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone from ExchangeDefender!!!

Everyone check your mailbox! We love our partners and we want to give you all a special promotion for this Valentine’s Day!

We are running an Exchange promotion! For a limited time, we are offering Hosted Exchange 2010 and SharePoint 2010 for $8.00/mailbox and Hosted Exchange Essentials 2010 for $6.00/mailbox. The promotion will run from February 14th – March 14th and be valid on any and all new accounts that are signed up during the promotional period when using the coupon code given.

Valentine's Promotion Postcard

Hosted Exchange 2010 + SharePoint 2010 Includes:

     *Microsoft Exchange 2010

     *Microsoft SharePoint 2010


              *SPAM & Virus Filtering

              *Web Filtering

              *Web File Sharing


              *Compliance Archiving

              *Live Archive Business Continuity

     *Outlook License


Hosted Exchange Essentials:

     *Microsoft Exchange 2010

     *ExchangeDefender Essentials

     *SPAM & Virus Filtering, Business Continuity

Check your mailbox for a postcard or go to for more information and to get the coupon code.

Stephanie Hasenour
VP Marketing, ExchangeDefender

November 23, 2011

Black Friday!

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Black Friday is one of the, if not THE, biggest shopping day of the year! Take advantage of this and shop for yourself! We are running a one-day promotion for Compliance Archiving for only $1.00/user.  This is a promotion is solely for partners only, and not for resale. 

Are you curious as to what Compliance Archiving is all about? What does it include? How do I use it? What are the benefits?

Check out the Compliance Archiving page of our website,

Black Friday Ad




















This is a great offering that you will want to take advantage of! Simply enter the coupon code “XDBlackFriday” when ordering Compliance Archive and you will receive the great $1.00 price point for all of the accounts that you order, and they will stay grandfathered in at the rate for the duration of the account!  This promotion is ONLY valid on Black Friday, 11/25/2011, so don’t hesitate!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Stephanie Hasenour
VP Marketing, ExchangeDefender
(877) 546-0316 x735

October 20, 2011

The Persuasive Power of Discounts and Trials

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, people start to browse the web for sales and deals. Being in marketing, I couldn’t help but notice and think about all the different techniques and approaches that move prospective clients further along in the purchasing decision. This is one of the most important areas that we as marketers and business minded people can and should focus on when marketing to potential clients.

The purpose of this article is to shed some light on ways to attract clients to your service and get them to go further into the buying decision.  Another reason is to give you ideas as to how you can position your products and services and more attractively offer them to your client base.


Market Discount Trends


Currently, the marketplace is experiencing a growing trend in sales and marketing promotions. Recently, there has been a high success rate with promotions that offer free trials and discounts.

There are two types of sales and marketing promotions that are growing trends that I see success in the marketplace is quite often a free trial and offering discounts. Online vendors are beginning to offer a 7-day or 30-day free trial of a product or service. When signing up for an offer, you are asked to enter your credit card information. Upon trial expiration, you are then charged the full amount for your product or service. That is how they get you – and hook you in! Typically people end up liking the service that they are testing out and do not cancel the trial…so in this regard it is a good way to draw people in and actually get them to use the product or service. Many services are subscription based too, charging your credit card a recurring fee and subscription sites are a great way to deliver information and provide a great deal of value for both the buyer and seller. Companies are providing free trials to allow you to experience the product or offering before any actually exchange of money takes place. Those who continue on with the product or service are more loyal and better informed about what they are buying.  Discounts are also very beneficial when a client is cost conscious or bringing on a large volume.

So now the question to ask yourself is how I can apply this methodology of a free trial or discount to my own products and services?


Think about the products that you are currently marketing or selling. Is there a way to give your prospective clients a sample of what you offer them? Free trial for a month of service?  Free trial of consulting services or technical support? Free marketing materials? Free training sessions? Discounts on a service? These actions will help to get your clients hooked on your product by making it a more attractive offer to start with the service and by showing them that you want to help.

On a side note, free trials are not ideal for every company or every product. However, they do force you to reconsider how you expose your products and services to your target market. Rethinking the value of a trial can help boost your marketing to the next level. The key is to experiment with different offers, discounts, trials, etc. and see what works for both you and your clients. You should measure how many prospective clients partake in the initial offer and then show interest in the upsell or continue to purchase services. It is very important to focus on customer value, not just the initial purchase price or getting the sale and promotions can help to accomplish that.


How can ExchangeDefender help?

Since ExchangeDefender offers you a free 30-day trial on new services and discounts on services, it is easier for you to do the same to your clients!

Currently, at ExchangeDefender, in addition to our normal free trials, we are introducing a new promotion for Exchange 2010 Essentials and also ExchangeDefender Compliance Archiving.  Any accounts that our partners sign up during that promotional period with the corresponding coupon code will receive Exchange 2010 Essentials for $5.99/mailbox and thus far the promotion has been wildly successful, for both our company and in turn our partners!

Action Plan
– Visit our Promotions Center to stay up to date with all of our current and upcoming promotions that are available to you!
– Contact me for any help with marketing collateral or visit our Marketing Center.
Also, we always offer free 30-day trials for all of our products that you should take advantage of. This is very appealing for our partners because they get to try out a service and are then more apt to continue using the service. I would guess that about 99.999% of the people who sign up for trial accounts end up keeping them. These are all promotions that you could use with your clients. Remember some people just need a little push to do something…so help make the decision for them – Offer a discount or trial!


Let me know if or how you are using free trials and how successful they are for you! As always, please let me know if there is anything that I can help with!

Stephanie Hasenour
VP, Marketing, ExchangeDefender
(877) 546-0316 x735

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