Autotask Integration

The Power of Centralized Client Intelligence

We are proud to announce complete integration of all ExchangeDefender services to the Autotask business management platform. Everything from support to billing, invoicing to remote control and more is now in full sync between our services business and your Autotask portal.

The single most important piece of the MSP-Vendor relationship is who controls the actual data. With ExchangeDefender, all the intelligence and configurations you collect while working with us is syncronized to your Autotask portal, giving you full control over all of your clients historical support, billing and configuration data.

Furthermore, the value that comes out of an ongoing relationship between ExchangeDefender and Autotask can materially impact your business beyond just simple statistics and mailbox counts. We are proud to offer Support Integration Package for the low introductory price of $199. If you choose to subscribe to this service one of our engineers will actually complete, test and support your integration for as long as you keep it. Additionally, you will be offered our extensive documentation and podcast series to help you make the most of your investment in both ExchangeDefender services and your Autotask portal.

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, Own Web Now Corp

Key Features

Autotask integration is an ongoing committment for ExchangeDefender. Here are a few of the features we have spent months developing with partners around the world:

Support Request Sync

You shouldn't be stuck supporting our software. When a new support request is originated by your client in your Autotask portal you can quickly assign it to the ExchangeDefender queue and watch as our staff resolves the issue for your client, on your behalf. No more double ticket entry!

Correct Billing, Always

Are you spending time each month manually reconciling mailbox counts? Autotask integration allows you to automatically sync all the usage and mailbox allocations between ExchangeDefender and Autotask, saving you valuable time and keeping your billing records perfect.

Integration Support

Autotask integration with ExchangeDefender is completely free and open. You can download the guide at any time on the left and be done in less than an hour. However, in many conversations with our partners we have heard that most would like all of the tasks completed and supported by ExchangeDefender. We are proud to offer Integration Support Package ($199 intro one-time fee) under which we will perform the integration, test the workflows and support the solution if it ever breaks.

Additionally, we are always asked "How do others handle this?" when we talk about IT business. With our support package you also get the subscription to podcasts and webcasts, featuring Autotask users and their best practices for integration and solution management. This was the most demanded feature during the development of the integration and we hope you take advantage of it right away as there is no way to sign up for it later.

Integration Guide