ExchangeDefender XDSYNC Guide


XDSYNC v2.0 is broken down into two core components, which you may choose to enable. The system is designed with both components being optional and they are able to work independently of each other.

This guide will take you step by step on how to properly set up and use the XDSYNC version 2.0 for ExchangeDefender.

Account Synchronization

This feature allows you to configure an Exchange server to communicate the Active Directory structure to our ExchangeDefender servers. This allows us to automatically provision accounts and generate welcome e-mails for each new Mailbox it detects on the server.

We understand in some cases you may want to exclude certain "Mailboxes" from being added to ExchangeDefender and have implemented an Exclusion List. This feature allows you to exclude any number of Mailboxes from being put through this process, while allowing the rest.

Password Synchronization

This feature allows you to enable password synchronization and will pull down any password changes from ExchangeDefender onto your Active Directory structure. It will match accounts based on the supplied email address for each directory entry.


Login to the account that you plan to run the service as. You must be logged in as the user that you will set the service to run as (domain administrator access is required).

  • After downloading XDSync.msi to your server, run the installer.
  • Continue through the installation until you reach the following prompt.

  • Here you must supply the system [Administrator] account information for the server.
  • After providing the information, click OK.
  • If you have provided correct information the installer will finish and you should be brought back to your desktop. If you provide invalid information, you will have to start the install process over again.


  • Launch XDSYNC from the desktop.

  • You will notice a loading screen, while it launches. Depending on the amount of accounts on the server, it may take several minutes.
  • You should then see the following dialog.

  • Provide the following: (This will be the domain information that is used within
    • Domain
    • Password
  • Choose which features you would like to enable.
  • Choose Account Synchronization
    • Distribution Groups (optional)
    • Public Folders (optional)
    • Read & Agree with the Terms of Service
  • Be sure to choose Password Synchronization
    • Remove complex password requirements
  • If you would like a copy of email notifications upon new account provisioning
    • Enable the feature
    • Provide the notification address
  • If there are any accounts you would like to "Exclude", select those desired accounts from the Exclusions tab.

  • Once you believe everything is correct, click "Save".
  • You will receive a message notification stating that your information has been saved.
  • Click the "Start" icon.

  • You should notice the [Status] change to running.
  • The initial synchronization process will take a few minutes to begin propogation. After that it will check on a 5 minute interval for changes between your server and ExchangeDefender.


The download link is located at