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Microsoft Exchange with Professional Services growing business demand

All of the best Exchange features, on demand

Exchange Pro is the most powerful Microsoft Exchange solution designed for businesses that need reliable, accountable and truly supported collaboration platform. Service implementation is key and Exchange Pro will make your business more secure, more productive and more prepared to deal with outages and regulatory compliance. People are key part of this solution and we’ve got you covered from Outlook problems all the way to preparing Compliance Archiving audit reports.

Main Features:

Microsoft Exchange 2016
ExchangeDefender Suite
Full Compliance audits
VPN Access
Feature Integration Flexibility
Compliance & Encryption Bundle

Data Center Redundancy
Marketing Support
Exchange 2016
2 Factor Auth
NOC Support Portal

Main Features



We love teamwork and collaboration – we hire, train, and build our team to give you the most secure, most reliable, most scalable email solution. So when you have a problem with your email, it’s our problem: we can help you with everything from Outlook and mobile devices all the way up to preparing regulatory compliance audit reports. At ExchangeDefender, support is not treated or managed as a loss center or a starting position, it’s the most critical part of the company. Technology will always fail, some outages are unavoidable – our product and service is how we help you to continue business as usual even when technology fails.


Ability to communicate with clients and vendors is probably the top concern for every business. When we surveyed our clients, they identified “Access to Management” as our most important value. When it comes to running, scaling and growing your business, you know that “one size fits all” solutions rarely work – and we’re happy to work with our clients to extend our solutions to solve unique challenges. This is more than a saying for us, we owe our entire business to it, everything we offer was once just a “it would be cool if” suggestion from our client. Ability to visit us, work with us, develop a custom feature or solve a problem is what separates us from the rest.


ExchangeDefender is the state of the art security, redundancy, encryption, compliance, and email management platform: and since 2001 we’ve built virtually all of it from scratch. Having Exchange expertise and security expertise under one roof gives your business a tremendous advantage because your email problem is our problem – there is no finger pointing, no appliances or third parties to manage, no maintenance to schedule or test. We simply take care of everything and with Exchange Pro you get the most popular ExchangeDefender features deeply integrated into the solution.


ExchangeDefender Partner Program is designed to give you all of our tools and solutions under your name, brand and pricing. You control it all, we just manage the service and support it end to end. Our partner program is free, has no minimums, requires no certification and you can get started offering cloud solutions today.

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