Virtual Servers

Virtual Servers Overview

ExchangeDefender Virtual Servers are designed for growing companies that need a flexible and affordable environment for their web applications. Virtualized servers, for low processing loads and low memory requirements, make more sense over a dedicated solution because you get full control over the operating system to configure as you see fit and still be backed by the high-end enterprise infrastructure with redundant power and storage systems underneath. Because you are only using a fraction of a high end cluster the cost can fit in nearly any budget.


ExchangeDefender Virtual Server infrastructure is powered by:

  • Clustered server design allowing for immediate failover and powerful resource control
  • Microsoft Windows Hyper-V or Vmware virtualization products
  • Powerful processors designed and configured to optimize virtualization experience
  • Redundant power and redundant network connections (multiple circuits and switches)
  • Redundant RAID10 storage arrays (Stripe + Mirror)

Of course, the entire solution is deployed and managed by certified engineers at ExchangeDefender.

Virtual Images can be configured to fit individual needs but our stock configuration offers the best mix of performance, flexibility and price:

  • Windows Server 2008 Web or Standard, Cent OS Linux
  • Remote admin login (Administrator via RDP on Windows, root via ssh on Linux)
  • 512 Mb memory allocation
  • 20 GB storage (approximate, after OS installation and patching)
  • 50 GB bandwidth (10 Mbit connection)
  • 2 static IP addresses (more available on demand)
  • Completely configured and managed OS
  • Security, patching, auditing and monitoring service

Customization Options

Virtual machines can be configured to offer more processor power, more memory, more storage and IP addresses. Because we control the entire environment and focus on personal service and solutions we can design a virtual infrastructure that fits your objectives. As a matter of fact, we have helped thousands of companies deliver virtual appliances and turn key solutions on top of our virtualization platform.


While virtual servers provide a great way to manage complex web sites and efficient applications, dedicated servers offer far more power and flexibility for more customized deployments. If you're looking to host remote desktop ("terminal services" or "virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)") environments, dedicated servers provide the required power and scalability. For solutions that require massive amounts of bandwidth, storage or processing power our dedicated solutions are far more flexible and affordable than the "utility" cloud computing solutions in Azure or Amazon EC2.