ExchangeDefender Support Services

Support Services

ExchangeDefender Support Services help IT Solution Providers deliver multithreaded technical and business SLA support to their ExchangeDefender clients. By providing direct, branded and integrated support solution ExchangeDefender helps partners grow their cloud offering without dedicating more resources for support, management and service maintenance.

ExchangeDefender ESS consists of:

  • Branded technical support phone line
  • Backoffice integration with your CRM/PSA
  • Branded online support and NOC service portals
  • Escalation workflows for third party services

Who is ExchangeDefender ESS perfect for:

  • IT Solution Providers & MSPs looking to offer cloud solutions
  • Large technology & business consulting firms that want to add a cloud vertical
  • Small or part-time IT consultants that want to provide 24/7/365 support
  • Software and hardware companies that need email options
  • ExchangeDefender clients that need to outsource internal ExchangeDefender support

Branded Technical Support Phone Line

ExchangeDefender ESS comes with a phone line dedicated to a single solution provider. All calls placed to that number will be handled under the partners name, brand and script.

Backoffice Integration With Your CRM/PSA

ExchangeDefender ESS integration is possible with a wide variety of CRM/PSA solutions on the marketplace. If the end user ever asks for the service we are not able to deliver, ExchangeDefender personnel can open support tickets or send email to an address and quickly escalate issues.

Branded Online Support and NOC Service Portals

ExchangeDefender control panels for Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Compliance and LiveArchive can be further integrated in our proprietary support portal solution, giving you the ability to keep your clients up to date with any service changes, maintenance notices or outages.

Escalation Workflows for Third Party Services

Optionally, ExchangeDefender personnel can fill out web forms, place phone calls, send alerts or emails as needed and as required by the partner or the client. Everyone has VIP clients and special business cases and ExchangeDefender is happy to be a functional part of your service offering.

Ready to go? ExchangeDefender Support Services are here to help you grow in the cloud and support your clients 24/7/365. To get started please give us a call and let's find the best way we can integrate our service in your solution.