Step 3: Placing an Order

When will I be billed for this order? Do you pro-rate?

ExchangeDefender does not pro-rate purchases. Unless otherwise agreed upon prior to the purchase agreement, all active services are billed on the first of the month.

Why am I asked for credit card information for every new agreement?

Each agreement requires contact information, billing information and agreement with the terms of service. Because each agreement can include different discount codes and terms, each time you sign up for a new bundle of services you need to go through the agreement process.

Can I have my subscription charges split over multiple credit cards?

At this time, we can only bill one credit card per company.

How can I easily add multiple Exchange 2007 mailboxes?

Exchange 2007 mailboxes can be ordered one at a time or in a bulk. On the second step of the purchase process, while adding the configuration for your first Exchange 2007 mailbox, click on Add additional mailbox instead of Review & Finalize. This will allow you to add configuration for additional mailboxes, with all queued mailboxes appearing to the right of the configuration screen. Once you have all your mailboxes in queue, click Review & Finalize.

How do I setup a trial account? Do you offer trial services for clients?

We are proud to offer our own software free of charge for our clients: you can have ExchangeDefender and Web Hosting free of charge for as long as you resell our software and services. Other services, such as Exchange and SharePoint, require third party software licensing so if you do not wish to be billed for them please say that you are just requesting a "Trial" under notes and cancel the services before the 1st of the month. Please note: If you do not cancel an account that you setup for trial purposes you will be billed for it until the service is cancelled. There are no refunds, even if the service was not used.

How can I provision a dedicated server or virtual server?

Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers, Colocation and bandwidth services require a contract, setup fees and committment. If you are interested in any of these high end services please contact Sales through the ExchangeDefender Portal or call us.