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At Own Web Now we do all we can to stay in touch with our partners and customers. Availability is a key component of service and in addition to getting in touch with us over email and IM you can also subscribe to the following public sites:

Recorded Webinars

ExchangeDefender: Growning from Essentials to Compliance (3/16/2017):
Growing from Essentials to Compliance

Exchange Essentials: Selling Exchange Essentials (9/8/2016):
Selling Exchange Essentials

Exchange Essentials: Make Support Great Again (9/7/2016):
Exchange Essentials

ExchangeDefender Robots & TheOfficeServer (11/6/2014):
ExchangeDefender Robots & TheOfficeServer

Exchange Essentials Relaunch (3/26/2014):
Exchange Essentials Relaunch

ExchangeDefender Q1 / 2014 Strategy (1/23/2014):
ExchangeDefender Q1 / 2014 Strategy

ExchangeDefender Q4 Update (12/9/2013):
ExchangeDefender Q4 Update

ExchangeDefender Unified (7/25/2013):
ExchangeDefender Unified, Q3 Update

Best of the Best Webinar (4/23/2013):
Best of the Best

ExchangeDefender & Shockey Monkey Roadmap Webinar (3/07/2013):
Roadmap Webinar

Shockey Monkey 3 Launch Webinar (12/13/2012):
Shockey Monkey 3

Unicorn Launch Webinar (10/31/2012):
Unicorn Webinar

LocalCloud Launch Webinar (7/19/2012):
ExchangeDefender LocalCloud Launch Webinar (2)

Previously Recorded Webinar (7/19/2012):
ExchangeDefender LocalCloud Beta Launch Webinar

Quarterly Meeting (4/24/2012):
ExchangeDefender and Shockey Monkey Quarterly Meeting

Previously Recorded Webinar (12/1/2011)
Shockey Monkey Reloaded

Previously Recorded Executive Podcast #3 (12/2/2011)
Podcast #3


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