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Service Providers can manage all of their companies, departments, and users’ settings from a single interface.

ExchangeDefender Admin Portal gives administrators secure access to all policies, logs, configurations, service subscriptions, and user management.

ExchangeDefender Admin Portal gives users secure access to all mail policies, SPAM quarantines, web file sharing, and compliance archiving.

ExchangeDefender Encryption is a secure, encrypted, interface that allows users from multiple organizations to exchange email securely.

ExchangeDefender Phishing Firewall (EPF) automatically secures inbound email via our security firewall.

ExchangeDefender User Settings has all the configurable settings and preferences for ExchangeDefender to make it act the way you want.

Access SPAM quarantines inside the admin portal, these spam messages are identified and held for your review.

ExchangeDefender supports custom whitelists/blacklists, these lists identify whether email addresses are trustworthy or not.

ExchangeDefender domain / organization administrators manage all user accounts from a single interface available inside the admin portal.

ExchangeDefender helps protect you from spoofing attacks, and brand misuse through implementation of SPF, DKIM, and our corporate policies.

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