The servers in the Australia network (2007 Exchange) has suffered a major failure which has ultimately led to the decision to decommission it as a restoration will not bring service online seamlessly (without recovery and resetup by clients)

Unfortunately the recovery from Australia is not something we believe will be completed in the next 48 hours at a minimum. To accommodate this and provide users with an immediate solution to continue working we’ve proactively recreated all users on Australia (2007) on to Matilda (2010). Matilda has redundancy and we’ve already sent over an additional server to add to the Matilda cluster.

The new server address is and the autodiscover record should be setup as

We’ve changed the target delivery location in ExchangeDefender to matilda. You can also login to livearchive to work with mail while the change over to matilda occurs.

Partners who have clients with cached outlook profiles can open the current profile (On Australia) and then export the cached data to .pst files. Any users who do not have cached data or any public folder data will not have an ETA on restoration for at least 48 hours (until we can process the drive’s data)

Update 10/25/12 9:45 PM Eastern: We are in the process of copying over items from livearchive to matilda mailboxes to import the past three days of mail from livearchive. We anticipate the process being completed in under 4 hours.