SharePoint Hosting – ExchangeDefender Network Operations

This weekend we will be performing maintenance on the following servers Sunday, 10/10/10:

DEWEYHUB: The hub server for the DEWEY network will be moved to a new host server. Mail flow service will be impacted for up to 15 minutes, but clients will not loose connection to their mailbox.

SCROOGE: The mailbox server for SCROOGE will be performing an offline defrag. Access to mailboxes will be impacted for up to 3 hours starting around 9AM Eastern, however, clients should utilize LiveArchive during the maintenance.

DONALD: The DONALD Exchange 2003 network will be moved to a new IP address. Clients should not have to reconfigure any settings.

LAUNCHPAD: The Sharepoint 2007 network, LAUNCHPAD will be offline for 30 minutes while a hardware investigation is performed.

Two days ago our first sharepoint 2007 server launchpad (serves Scrooge, HUEY, Europe and Australia) had a failed drive in the RAID array. The replacement drive arrived today, and we will be taking the server offline at 9:00 PM Eastern to rebuild the RAID array. The rebuild is scheduled to take up to two hours, which will leave sharepoint services on launchpad unavailable.

Throughout the night we will be installing new drives to a few LOUIE servers. The following services will be intermittently interrupted throughout the upgrade which is scheduled to last between 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM


The CAS array host will be rebooted which will leave Outlook disconnected for up to five minutes


The BES database is being moved to a new drive which will leave BB devices unable to synchronize for up to 30 minutes


The Sharepoint SQL host is being moved to a new drive which will leave Sharepoint portals unavailable for up to five minutes

Update 7:14 PM Eastern: The database move for the BES server is taking longer than expected. We are still working to finalize the upgrades as soon as possible.

Update 8:02 PM Eastern: The CAS array is being upgraded now. Users will experience two brief disconnects which are scheduled to last up to 10 minutes each.

The sharepoint server that services users on DEWEY will be rebooted at 9PM Eastern tonight to finalize the installation of software updates. Ludwig is expected to be online no more than 10 minutes after the reboot.

Update 9:12 PM Eastern: The reboot process for LUDWIG has begun.

Update 9:25 PM Eastern The reboot has completed and LUDWIG is back online.

We are rebooting, our US sharepoint 2007 server. This reboot is due to a failed installation of an sharepoint update.

There is an unexpected service outage with the sharepoint server. We are working to restore service.

Update 6:50 PM Eastern: The sharepoint server is back online and accepting requests, however, there will be continuing maintenance on the server as we finish resolving the issue.

Update 3:30PM Eastern: We are working with Microsoft troubleshoot the issue.

Update 1:38PM Eastern: We have opened a urgent case with Microsoft to resolve this issue.

Earlier today we had an unscheduled service interruption on our SharePoint grid. The software upgrade consumed all memory and effectively hung the frontend servers. As we were cycling app pools the response got slower and slower and we opted for a reboot instead.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, services were interrupted only briefly (well within our 99.999% uptime) and fell within our SLA.


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