Offsite Backups – ExchangeDefender Network Operations

We’ve had to temporarily pause the Ahsay OBM Service as we migrate a few users between drives. Service is expected to be back to 100% operation by 5pm Eastern.

The Ahsay OBS service on backup74 is currently stopped as we migrate users to larger volumes. Service is expected to be restored by our peak backup time of 12 am Eastern.

At 8 PM Eastern tonight we will be taking backup74 offline to reattempt storage installation. The installation and provisioning is expected to take  up an hour and a half and service will be automatically restored after the upgrade is complete.

Update 10:07 PM Eastern: The new controller install failed again. We’ve hooked up a temporary drive to alleviate the space issue while we order a new controller. Service is expected to be restored by 11 PM Eastern.

Update 10:58 PM Eastern: Service has been restored.

Backup74 will be going offline from 6pm Eastern till 10pm Eastern today (2/2/10) for extended maintenance. We will be installing 4TB of additional storage to the server.

Update 8:20 PM Eastern: After installing the new controller the server was unable to boot property. We’ve removed the new controller and ordered a new replacement.

Our second US OBS server, backup74 will be going offline for the next three hours as we begin to migrate users around different volumes. Service is expected to be restored before 5 PM Eastern.

The Offsite Backup Server, backup74, will be going offline at 3:00 PM Eastern to install hotfixes to OBS. The server is expected to be offline for 30 minutes and service should be restored by 3:30 PM Eastern.

Update 3:01 PM Eastern: Service has been disabled on backup74 as we begin patching.

Update 3:11 PM Eastern: Service has been restored on backup74 and the server is now running version

We are beginning a maintenance schedule for During the maintenance schedule, access to will be interrupted, however, service is expected to be restored by 12:00PM Eastern.

Updated 1:30 PM Eastern: User migration is taking a bit longer than expected. The final user move is in progress and the server should be online before 3pm Eastern.

Updated 2:50 PM Eastern: User migration has completed and service has been restored to backup74.


The backup74 OBS service will be offline until 3pm Eastern today. During this period we will be performing upgrades to the server and moving users around to relieve resource usage on the server.

Update 1:35 PM Eastern: Service has been restored to backup74

We will be starting maintenance on backup74 shortly. During this maintenance window we will be moving users around to new volumes on the server. Service is expected to be restored by 12:00PM Eastern.

Update 1:06 PM Eastern: The backup service has been restarted and the user move has been completed.

At 10:30 AM Eastern we will be shutting off the Ahsay OBS service on Backup74 to install the latest updates to the OBS platform. Service is expected to be down for less than 15 minutes.

Update 10:35 AM Eastern: The update has been completed. Service has been restored to Backup74.

Update 10:31 AM Eastern: The service has been shut off for the update.

Over the weekend, the Tomcat web service on backup74 stopped answering new requests. We’ve opened up a ticket with Ahsay and was provided with a hotfix to install. We are going to try to make the changes to the Tomcat config files to restore service before installing the hotfix patch. Service is expected to be functional within the hour.

Update 10:50pm Eastern: Service to backup74 has been restored without installing the hotfix. We are planning to install a stable patch upgrade to the server later in the week.

The Ahsay OBS service has been stopped on Backup74 while we move users around on the volumes.

We’ve received complaints from users about inaccessibility to access backup74. We will be rebooting backup74 shortly to resolve the issue.

Backup74 will be temporarily offline from 11:40am – 1:00 pm as we move accounts to new volumes. This is estimated to take an hour.

Update 2:30 PM Eastern: Service has been restored.

backup74 will be temporarily unavailable Tuesday Aug 25th from 1pm-4pm Eastern as we apply a new hotfix to solve reporting issues.

Update 5:31 PM Eastern: Maintenance has completed and the server is online.

Update 4:21 PM Eastern: Maintenance is running a bit over schedule, however it’s close to being completed. Service is expected to be fully functional by 5pm.

Update 10:43 AM Eastern: Our maintaince schedule will be beginning earlier than expected to ensure our schedule is completed before peak time. The server will be unavailable until 4 PM Eastern today.

Backup80 (Europe) service will be temporarily interrupted as we install the latest service pack release from Ahsay.

Update 12:41 PM Eastern: The upgrade is complete. Ahsay OBS is now running at

Service on backup74 will be temporarly suspended as we apply the newest hotfix from Ahsay which provides support for Windows Server 2008.

Update 12:00 PM Eastern: OBS service has been restored and the server is now patched to 5.5.3. To use ahsay with Windows Server 2008, please download the latest OBM agent @

Update 11:45 AM Eastern: OBS service has been stopped to install the hotfix.

Backup73 will be rebooting around 10:55 AM Eastern. Service should only be momentarily interrupted as we add a new drive to our raid array.

Update 10:57 AM Eastern: The reboot has finished and the system is back up with services operational. There will be a possible reboot required later today.

Users on backup73 volume2 will receive a reply.parse error when trying to make any modifications to their accounts. Service on backup73 will temporarily be suspended as we move users from the full volume.

Update 12:17 AM: The move has finished. We anticipate many partners will get missed backup reports, however, this move solves recent disk space issues with backup73. We appreciate your understanding as we finalized maintenance with backup73. All services are now up and operational.


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