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January 2, 2008

OWN VoIP Maintenance

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Our VoIP provider (IAX-PSTN termination service) is performing routine maintenance on our accounts in order to port some of our numbers from third party services and telcos. We have been advised to expect outages throughout the day as their proxy servers are updated to route new numbers to us, after which we will be programming the proper DID routes in our system.

As a result, our phone systems may not be the most reliable way to reach us today, January 2nd, 2008. If you have an urgent issue, or even an issue that you would like human followup on, please post a support request at https://support.ownwebnow.com.

December 7, 2007

VoIP Maintenance 5PM – Midnight Friday

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Later today we will be conducting an upgrade on our VoIP network. Our own network will be down from 5PM EST to Midnight EST but likely far less than that. If you do call 877–546–0316 or any corporate direct dialins during that window your calls may get directed to a voicemail and may even produce errors or “All circuits are busy” rejections. While we will try to return all calls that end up in voicemail we ask that if you have an important matter you either try us later or via email/portal while we migrate to the new communications infrastructure.

If you need immediate assistance please remember that we only provide sales and support via our portal at https://support.ownwebnow.com

November 26, 2007

Cyber Monday Update

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If you are an ecommerce client you have already received our notice of the additional burst allocation we have made to our network for the Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday shopping sprees. During this time every server on our network has been “uncapped” meaning that there are no bandwidth restrictions or bandwidth throttling and you could allocate as much traffic as the switch port can handle. For our colocation customers, the caps have been removed as well, giving you full GigE access.

At peak, our network was 81% saturated on Friday, AM which is far above 25-35% it peaks at during the week. The current network utilization is 48%. So far, so good.

This notice is to inform you that the regular network limits will go back in place at Midnight, Pacific (GMT 08:00, Tuesday) and we will go back to our billing as usual. The temporary removal of network capacity locks is a courtesy we offer our e-commerce clients so they can scale on what is the highest traffic day of the year.

November 20, 2007

Extended Maintenance Window for Nov 24, 2007

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We are taking the benefit of lower network utilization this weekend to perform some routine maintenance tasks. The maintenance will be comprehensive and include upgrades to our DNS, storage, web, domain controllers and virtual server networks. In effect, virtually every service we offer depends on these services and may experience a significant impact.

Our maintenance window will be extended from 2 AM – 7 AM EST to 2 AM – 9 AM EST and will also include an afternoon maintenance interval from 4 PM – Midnight, EST on Saturday, November 24, 2007. Everything with the exception of our storage network will be fully operational, with only slight service / performance degredation that might not even be noticeable given the low network volume during Thanksgiving holiday in USA.

Upgrades are routine in nature – swapping hard drives, new memory, new switches, moving servers to optimize power utilization and cooling and other general network maintenance and management operations.

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