We’ve experienced explosive growth in the current quarter and some of you have experienced a few of those a growing pains with us. This weekend we will be working on a massive build out to our secondary data center on the mail processing side of the services. Los Angeles will not be available for mail processing this weekend. This should NOT have any impact on standard MTAs that can handle multiple DNS results.

The only true impact expected is mail releases. Releases which reside in LA , that generally are a lot of less due to the lack of parity between the sites will not release until the expansion is complete. Once the expansion begins its last stage as the servers begin to come online all releases will still be queued and at that juncture should release.

Please follow the NOC above in case anything unexpected becomes affected.

-Update 4:55 EST this work has started

-Update 5:40 EST XD Data Replication is online, nodes to follow

-Update 6:55 EST 80% capacity moved for exchangedefender

-Update 11:09 EST All work completed across all services.

Sunday Post Report

We located an issue with the SPAM actions not being correct for all users, we are working to resolve that this morning if you receive a report of this that goes beyond today at noon please open a ticket, if the timestamp of the message is before noon today, please consider the issue resolved for your end users.

-Note 5:50PM

We received additional reports that some SPAM actions still weren’t functioning correctly. We have resolved this issue if you see any emails time stamped after 7 PM EST please let us know. If its before then, please consider the issue resolved.