We have launched phase 1 of the LiveArchive4 succesfully. This means that real time email is available through https://admin.exchangedefender.com/livearchive.php.
Phase 2 which is in progress and will take a few weeks is the migration of old items. This is currently ongoing. To avoid any confusion we’ll cut to the bottom line. If your mail is not at the new URL, then its still at the old URL. So your email for up to a year is still with us.

Current gremblins we have noticed:

Dead: There WAS (as it was resolved yesterday) an issue with the RBL zone reloads that would cause some DNS timeouts and rejections to livearchive.
Current: This one is more of an annoyance than anything else but be aware. Due to the fact that we’re moving platforms, there’s no “database=>database” move. We’re moving content. Unfortunately, this is triggering read-receipts.

Phase 3. Vlad will blog about it once it’s ready.