We’re currently working an issue with DB4 which is similar to the issues faced previously with DB3_1 .  The issue is related to a storage controller issue and we are currently running an integrity check/repair on the database

We sincerely apologize for the length of this issue. We understand this is extremely frustrating, as it is extremely frustrating for us to provide this level of service. This is currently not only our top priority but only priority and our top Exchange engineers are on this task and this task alone until resolved.

Update 6:00 PM Eastern: We are still performing work on DB4 for the affected mailboxes. We would like to extend the option for users to utilize “recovery mode” / dial tone. Recovery mode is a temporary new “blank” mailbox where users can work with their live mail (after the outage occurred) as they normally would. Since the recovery mailbox is a “new” mailbox, there wont be contacts, calendars, etc. If you have active sync users or iPhone users then you should have then set their Email, Calendar, and Contact sync to a manual sync as the phone will sync with the empty mailbox.

When a mailbox is manually switched to a temp database Outlook will now prompt the user to either use their Temporary data (new data) or open their previous cached mailbox data

dialtone prompt

Outlook “Recovery Mode” prompt is a feature set introduced in Outlook 2007 to safely handle mailbox or server side issues that lead to mailbox configuration changes. After the server goes through a dial tone migration, Outlook will notice the content change in the mailbox and locks the old OST cache file from downloading any new mail. Once Outlook goes into Recovery Mode, the user will receive a prompt upon launching an Outlook profile asking if the user wants to use “Old data” or “Temp data” – in simple terms, Old data refers to the OST cache file on the client machine, and temp data provides online access to the mailbox to view new items that arrive – while in temp data, Outlook will run in Online mode and not Cached mode, so the overall experience will be slower for users who are used to the speeds from cached mode.

If a partner would like to utilize a recovery mailbox for mailboxes in their domain then we would need a new support request opened with following subject:
Dialtone Request: domain.com
Where domain.com is the client domain. By opening the request as a new request this will allow us to ensure all requests are properly completed and documented.

January 2 2013

Update 4:30 PM Eastern: The repair / integrity check is near 55% completed on the last step. We anticipate being able to mount the database by 8PM Eastern tonight which we will then deliver all queued mail to the mailboxes. Once all queues are flushed we will then swap users who are in dial tone mode back to their home database and subsequently merge the new and existing data. We want to thank everyone again for their patience as we’ve had a positive response to the dial tone mailbox setups.

Update 5:45 PM Eastern: We’ve successfully mounted DB4 on LOUIE. We’ll be resuming mail delivery shortly.