The work described below is schedule to begin at 9:00 PM Eastern May 29th 2012

  • LOUIE – LOUIEMBOX1 & LOUIEMBOX2 – Update Network Driver

Will cause brief interruption, 15-30 seconds while the driver updates

  • LOUIE – update exchange to service pack 2

Will not cause interruption to clients

  •  ROCKERDUCK – Reseeding databases between RDMBOX1 and RDMBOX2 for fail over

Will not cause interruption, but OWA users may see slight delays in accessing content (including public folders) since the replication is going to use the MAPI NICs instead of the replication NIC. This will only be during night as to not flood the network during the day

  • ROCKERDUCK – Redistributing disk layout on RDMBOX3

RDMBOX3 is one of the additional fail over clusters and does not actively hold any mailbox databases