Update 5/2/2012: The reinstallation has completed and service is resumed normal operation.

Update 5/1/2012: We are in the process of reloading the operating system on LOUIEMBOX1. As of now the only affected service is mail enabled public folders, however, all mail will be queued until the reinstallation of Exchange has completed. We anticipate being done with all work by midnight.

Update : This has been scheduled for Friday at 3:00 PM Eastern

In preparation of the reload of LOUIEMBOX1 we’ve moved all mailboxes hosted on to other mailbox servers in the cluster. Last month we created a replication of all Public Folder content to all mailbox servers in LOUIE from LOUIEMBOX1. The final step is to change all ExchangeDefender delivery points for LOUIE customers away from LOUIEMBOX1. This step should fall in line with our seamless upgrades and should not be noticed by the client. Unfortunately in past experiences some public folders would not receive messages from the outside after a replica is taken offline. We believe this was a previous bug with Exchange and has since been resolved, however, we’d like to make all possibilities known ahead of time.

Due to the number of public folders and public folder content, we will be unable to validate mail delivery across all mail enabled public folders during the reload.

If any clients experience mail delivery delays to their public folders, please open a support request with the email address of the mail public folder and our support team will immediately look into the issue.