Update 11:01 AM Eastern: We are in the process of moving the ROCKERDUCK CAS & HUB servers.

Update 10:13 AM Eastern: We are beginning the process of moving ROCKERDUCK servers to the new cabinet in our cage. Service is not expected to be affected at the moment.

During the weekend of March 23rd – March 24th we will be performing the following maintenance and upgrades to servers across multiple platforms:

Friday March 23rd 2012 22:00 – Saturday March 24th 06:00 Eastern:

NETWORK/ALL SERVICES: All services in our main cage in Dallas will undergo a quick network reconfiguration which will momentarily impact service availability for the following services
•    Sharepoint 2007 and 2010 (Excluding Rockerduck)
•    Exchange 2007 (Scrooge, Huey, Dewey)
•    Offsite backup
•    ExchangeDefender inbound nodes
•    ExchangeDefender apps (Encryption, Webfile Share)
•    OwnWebNow Support Portal
•    LiveArchive

The network reconfiguration consists of replacing network switches and rerouting network uplink distribution.

ROCKERDUCK: All servers to be relocated to new cabinet in Dallas. Service will not be interrupted during server moves.

Saturday March 24th 13:00 Eastern
LOUIE: LOUIEMBOX3 will be placed into production and pre-process steps to phase out LOUIEMBOX1 will begin. Service will not be interrupted during the turn up of LOUIEMBOX3