During the first half of March we will be performing upgrades to the LOUIE network which include adding mailbox servers, phasing out older servers, upgrading Exchange to SP2, and most importantly, DAG redesign.

On the first week (March 5th-9th 2012) we will add two new mailbox servers for LOUIE (one intended to phase out LOUIEMBOX1).

On the second week (March 12th – 16th 2012) we will create a new DAG for LOUIE and add two new mailbox databases into the DAG. Throughout the week users hosted on LOUIEMBOX1 will be moved to the new databases in the DAG. Finally once all users are moved from LOUIEMBOX1 we will begin replicating public folder content to the new mailbox servers.

All changes are intended to be transparent to users and should not interrupt service access.