On Friday (1/27/12 11:00 PM Eastern – 1:00 AM Eastern) and Saturday (1/28/12 11:00 PM Eastern – 2:30 AM Eastern) we will be performing maintenance on Rockerduck to wrap up new additions to the mailbox server high availability which will disrupt service to small population.

During maintenance we will be moving 5 mailbox active databases across new storage arrays to improve overall performance. Databases will be moved one by one and only one database will lose service availability to clients at a time. During each database move users on the respective database will be unable to access their mailbox on Rockerduck. Since we will be making architectural changes to the active mailbox database we will be unable to activate the standby copy as the passive and active copies must reside in the same location across all nodes.

The current time estimates include a 30 minute buffer in case of unforeseen events. During maintenance users should expect to be disconnected from their mailbox, however, clients can utilize livearchive during the maintenance interval.

Update 11:15 PM: We are beginning work on RDMBOX1 and moving the path of RDDB1