Throughout the week of October 31st – November 4th we will be performing maintenance on our Dallas LiveArchive network. During the maintenance cycle we will redirect all LiveArchive requests to our newest LiveArchive network in Los Angeles, CA. This means that any user who browses will be forwarded off to

To allow users access to both networks during maintenance we’ve changed the IP value for to which has a global 302 redirect to

Maintenance will include upgrades to the storage architecture, rebalancing users and implementing a new Web Services based API to provide greater control and logging during new user creation.

During maintenance users can attempt to login to their Dallas LiveArchive mailbox by browsing to it directly @ however there will be periods where mailbox databases are dismounted and data will be inaccessible.

We ask that partners keep in mind that the Los Angeles version of LiveArchive only retains 3 months of mail and was initially deployed at the end of September.