We are currently receiving alerts from our monitoring software that tracks average mail delivery time in ExchangeDefender that nodes in Dallas are experiencing larger than normal queues.

We’ve identified the issue with our logging server that receives the SMTP transaction logs from each message as it transverses the network. We are currently working to alleviate the pressure and rebalance the message load across all nodes.

Users should expect to see up to a 15 minute delay on messages until 1:50 PM Eastern when delivery services are back to speed.

Update 1:44 PM: The logs server has been reactivated and we are watching traffic pour in. Just to note, the admin.exchangedefender.com site has been offlined while the log server is finishing the start up check.

Update 2:00 PM: Mail delivery is catching back up, however, the mail logs tables for domains are being checked for consistency before being brought back online. We expect the admin.exchangedefender.com site to be up within 30 minutes

Update 2:20 PM: Access to admin.exchangedefender.com has been restored. The inbound servers are still actively processing the queue loads

Update 4:35 PM: All inbound / outbound nodes have flushed their queues and are operating at normal processing time. We will continue to work on resolving the pressure issues seen by the logs server throughout the weekend.