99% of all of our services have been restored. Unfortunately, we have 3 servers that are still affected by the outage. Remembering that it was a power outage  and Windows Server’ capability of handling such outages is not on par with Linux, we’ve had some servers take longer to come back online. Services currently affected:

Dewey MBOX2 – It’s a secondary mailbox server on the DEWEY cluster, as such its a small user count but if your clients are on it, their mailbox is inaccessible.

Daisy – Legacy Exchange 2003 server

VS4 – One of our Virtual servers

These services affect a small but equally important portion of the client base, as such we’re all hands on deck on restoring services on these servers ASAP. For the Hosted Exchange users still affected please remember LiveArchive is online, if you’re having any issues authenticating to it or otherwise please open a support request and we’ll get you back online on LiveArchive as quickly as possible.