Tonight we will be performing maintenance on DEWEYMBOX2 to address the performance issues reported by partners throughout the day.

Maintenance is expected to last between 10PM and 2AM.

1:46 AM EST – All Maintenance on DEWEYMBOX2 has been completed succesfully. All services have been restored and queued messages are flushing into the user’s mailbox.

Again we’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for this issue and we appreciate your patience with us through out the process.

Update 8:05 AM: We are going to reboot the CAS servers for DEWEY to clear up any issues before the start of business. Service may be interrupted for 15 mins

Update 8:15 AM: The domain controllers for DEWEY have come back online from the restart. We are still waiting for the primary CAS and MBOX server to come back online.

Update 8:45 AM: The primary CAS and MBOX server came up at 8:30AM and we’ve confirmed service access for RPC, MAPI, ActiveSync and POP/IMAP