reTonight starting at 9:00 PM Eastern we will be taking the mailbox databases on HUEY offline to perform an offline defragmentation. We anticipate the scan will take up to 4 hours, which will leave mailbox access offline until the database is remounted. Clients are able to utilize livearchive during the maintenance schedule to continue working with live mail.

Update 8:35 PM Eastern: We will begin work in 30 minutes, starting with dismounting the database and copying it to a temporary storage drive, and then starting the offline defrag. After the defrag completes, we will mount the database from the temporary location and stress test the integrity. After we’ve assured integrity we will copy the database back to the active RAID controller.

We estimate that each step may take up to 2 hours to complete , but we will update this post along the way.

Update 9:10 PM Eastern: We are pushing back maintenance one hour as we rearrange the temporary storage iSCSI server to increase overall speed, expecting to lower the overall time.

Update 10:09 PM Eastern: We will be begin the above outlined process in 5 minutes.

Update 11:00 PM Eastern: By estimation of current progress, we do not feel that we have enough time allocated for this process even with our earlier changes. We’ve remounted the current mailbox database. We are formulating a new plan to bring an solution that will run in parallel.